Snorkeling with Carlos Tours on Caye Caulker, Belize

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I had been waiting for this exact day since before I arrived in Belize. I decided not to go snorkeling with the person I mentioned in Belize – Day 1 just so I could see what Carlos Tours was all about, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I’m just grateful that he, Carlos Jr., was able to stay in contact with me through email over the course of my first few days on the island while trying to set up my tour.


Once I arrived at the meet up location, aka Carlos Tours headquarters, I was promptly fit for me gear and soon after the entire group headed to the dock to board the boat. While Carlos Tours has a couple boats (the Gypsy being the first) and is working on another, on this particular day we rode the Zulemakai, which means peaceful ocean.

Carlos AyalaCarlos and Juan

Carlos (right) and his “first mate” Juan were extremely knowledgable about the ocean and its wildlife. During our first snorkel stop I was surprised as he named just about every fish we saw in addition to all the types of coral on the ocean floor. It should come as no shock because Carlos’ first trip out was at the age of 5 with his dad. He’s been running tours on his own for about 3 years and Juan has been working with them for about 4. They can answer just about any question you have, but don’t wait for you to ask. I love how they kept the group educated during our workout of a snorkel tour. Once I got back to the boat I was sure I’d burned at least 100 calories, and I loved every second of it.


The next stop was to grab lunch and wouldn’t you know it, I was back in San Pedro. It’s a chance for everyone who worked up an appetite to head ashore and grab a quick bite. I had a huge breakfast so luckily Carlos was able to recommend a little deli that I could run into and grab a snack. I came back to the boat to eat and lay out in the sun while Carlos and Juan dug into some barbecue. The chicken tostadas and rum cake hit the spot for me.



Shark Alley was the second stop on the snorkel tour and I watched for a couple minutes before I decided to jump in. I was none too eager to be the first one to hop to my death. And then I quickly realized the nursing sharks are big ol’ babies. Carlos actually has one that he knows by the hump on its head. They have some type of bond that allows him to hold it and swim it around while we pet it. Dare I say the shark was…cute?

After swimming with the sharks I was beyond tired and felt a heat rash coming on. I know that may be an overshare, but buying sunscreen in lotion form so I wouldn’t have to check my bag due to the huge spray can happened to be the downfall of my trip. Packing on that lotion blocked my sweat glands, i.e. one of the causes of heat rash -_- I later realized that even though I was in the sun all day, I didn’t sweat once. As I sat on the boat in the loveliest of breezes, watching others swim in the Coral Gardens, I downed rum shots and snacked on fresh fruit courtesy of Carlos and Juan…all while watching my skin break out. However, it was still my favorite day hands down! Best of all was the fact that it was okay that I forgot my [amazon text=waterproof phone case&asin=B00LBK7OSY] at home because Carlos and Juan take pictures of the group throughout the snorkeling adventures. You seriously can’t beat the full day package. If you’re ever on Caye Caulker, look these guys up. You won’t regret it.

Sea Turtle

WanderlustMyWay and the Nursing Shark



WanderlustMyWay Petting the Nursing Sharks


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  1. Monique –

    Great post! Do you have contact information to book with Carlos? We are coming to Caye Caulker soon and want to book with them!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Pam! That’s so exciting! Check out on Instagram and they have their address and contact info in their bio. It seems as though they’re still in business so I hope you get to go out with them and enjoy your trip!

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