Belize – Day 2

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I was so eager to visit Belize, not only because I’ve heard great things about it, but because I was dying to lay on a beach and get sun kissed. I literally was told I’m Vitamin D deficient after residing in New York. Now as I sit here with my forearms peeling, I promise I don’t regret frying in the sun versus a light bake. I’ll just be better equipped next time – the melanin didn’t have my back this go round. Moving on…

I’ve been obsessed with Europe for the last two years and I was overdue for some tropical bliss. I knew my itinerary would only call for a couple days truly dedicated to relaxing, so I made Day 2 a beach day in case I couldn’t make it back to the beach. I was so right. I woke up at a decent hour i.e. whenever I felt like rolling out of bed and made my usual 2 minute walk to the restaurant that would be my daily breakfast spot. They had wifi, they took credit cards – I hate carrying cash period, let alone a foreign country – and the Cuban pancake breakfast was pretty decent. What more could a girl ask for?

Caye Caulker, Belize

After breakfast I walked a little further down Front Street to the area I’d seen the day before and knew it’d be my napping tanning location whenever I wanted to frolic in the water and lay out in the sun. From all the areas I spotted, some where definitely crowded for some reason, this was the most central, pristine, and ideal place to set up shop. And that I did. I took numerous micro naps in between dipping in the water and sipping on a Belkin Beer from the shop directly situated on the road by the beach. This may have been the highlight of my trip even though I have more fun things to share. I had been in dire need of relaxation and I got every bit of it and then some right there under the palm trees.

Belkin Beer Bikini Babe in Belize

After spending several hours soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible, I was ready to head to my incentive for lounging around so long. There was a restaurant just yards away, situated right on the water, that had a happy hour that would begin as soon as I dusted the sand off. Two rum punches for the price of one? Give me four, please. The curry chicken also wasn’t too bad, mine is better by landslide though.

After making my way to the other side of the island and catching the most beautiful sunset, I went back to rest for a couple hours before heading out later to grab some dinner. It was the perfect, most relaxing day I’ve had in a long while. Unfortunately I’m already looking forward to the next. Be sure to catch my first day in Belize as well.

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