Sample Itinerary: Belize in 1 Week

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After such an amazing experience in Belize, I was planning my return before I even left. I have no regrets about my trip, but I kept thinking there are other ways to do Belize. So, if I could do it all over again, here’s how I’d do it:


Flight: $257 RT from New York

Lodging: $168 for 5 nights, 6 days on Caye Caulker in an airbnb that I had to myself for a couple days before my host and a couple arrived. I still barely saw them. Did I mention I was less than a minute’s walk from all the action?

Trasportation: The taxi from the airport is $25 one way. Water ferries are about $24 RT between Belize City and Caye Caulker. About $12.50 RT between Caye Caulker and San Pedro. You can pay with a CC.

Food: I spent roughly $10-12 per meal, drinks included. Beer is cheaper than a cocktail, and be sure to take advantages of Happy Hour’s where you get two cocktails (usually made with local rum) for the price of one. Also, waking up later in the morning meant I ate breakfast later, so that meant that I was usually still too full to have lunch, or that my late lunch ended up being dinner. I always recommend, when you have access to a kitchen, that you eat in for one meal a day. You can opt for a carton of eggs, a  loaf of bread, and a pack of bacon as opposed to eating out. In Italy my lunch for a couple days consisted of slices of salty meats, a baguette, and fruits (usually grapes). There’s nothing wrong with creating your own cheese board and washing it down with local wine. It was a fraction of the price of purchasing it at a restaurant during peak hours.

Day 1

Arrive in Belize – Head to hotel on the mainland in Belize City. Settle in, get lunch, roam the area. Even sleep in if you need to. I often find myself feeling bad for being tired once I arrive in a new country. Even when there’s a time difference and the jet leg is real, I still try to stay up so I don’t lose a moment in a new city. I’m slowly but surely learning that resting up so I can give every other day my all is fine too. So, if you arrive at your hotel and want to crash, go for it. You need your energy for the days to come.

Day 2

You know that day trip to Tikal you booked? Yeah, you’re doing that today. Wake up bright and early, grab a quick bite to eat and head to meet your tour guide that’s driving you all the way to Guatemala to see one of the mot popular ruins in Central America. You know I recommend S&L Travel & Tours. Eventually make your way back to Belize city for dinner and a nice night out on the town. Get in any exploring you didn’t get done on day 1.

Days 3 & 4

Wake up, fuel and hydrate, then grab your bags and be on your merry way to Caye Caulker. Now having visited the mainland, Caye Caulker, and San Pedro/Ambergris Caye, I’d have to say that Caye Caulker was my favorite place to be. I’m an introvert, laid back, and like peace and quiet more often than not. In my opinion, Caye Caulker was the perfect place for me. However, I’d often walk past establishments with super lively crowds, music blasting, and everyone having a great time. I had dinner at one of those places. You remember, free shots and all. Be sure to look up a couple excursions, snorkeling included, and enjoy the freshest seafood and rum punch. I have to admit that the beaches are second to none, you just have to find the spot perfect for you. I still don’t regret my heat rash, haha . Having said all of that, some people think that San Pedro is the party island, and having only visited during the day, I couldn’t tell you either way. So…

Days 5 & 6

…Are you ready to head to Ambergris Caye? I thought so. Catch an early ferry to eat, explore, and take an excursion or two. Basically do what you did during Days 3 & 4, only you’re in San Pedro this go round. Sort of a lather, rinse, repeat type situation.

Day 7

I know, I know. You’ve fallen in love with Belize and can’t imagine heading home. I couldn’t either. It’s just not your time to become an overnight expat. Grab a Belizean breakfast and take some time to prepare for your journey home. You can take a ferry all the way from San Pedro to Belize City, and then hop into a cab to head to he airport. I know it sucks, I know.

Keep in mind that I stayed on Caye Caulker the entire time. However, I would give San Pedro a shot next time just to see if more modern/updated lodging makes a difference. See my entire Belize Series here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

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