SOLO TRAVEL feat. Bianca K.

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When I found out that my friend Bianca was taking a solo trip, I knew I needed first dibs on the exclusive interview. Yes, it’s every day that someone takes a solo trip, but that’s not normal in my social circle so I’ll say, IT’S NOT EVERY DAY THAT SOMEONE TAKES A SOLO TRIP! Eek!

Bianca in puerto rico

This native Michigander, former New Yorker (at the time of this trip), and now current Californian (Los Angeles to be exact) worked up the courage to book a flight for one and see what another part of the world had to offer. Be jealous, inspired, and in awe at the same time. It’s okay. Lucky for me, she allowed this to be a two part interview with pre- and post-trip questions. It went a little something like this:

Where are you going and is it your first solo trip?
I’m going to Puerto Rico and yes it’s my first solo trip.
Why did you choose Puerto Rico?
I really wanted to go to the Dominican Republic but I saw a cheap flight to PR first and wanted to book it before prices went up.
You know I’m all about a cheap flight. The flight comes first and everything else comes second.
Do you have any fears regarding solo travel?
Definitely! I’m nervous I won’t meet people, and as silly as this sounds, I’m nervous I’ll have to go out dancing alone HAHA. I don’t mind exploring alone or eating alone, but I really hope I meet people so they can take me out dancing.
Eating alone is my least favorite thing but when I’m in another place I don’t mind as much for some reason. I also feel that if that’s my one complaint, then it’s not even worth thinking about.
What do you hope to get out of this trip?
I really hope to get some rest, a tan and I hope I just enjoy being with myself. I’m trying to date myself this year and I’m hoping this trip will provide me with better perspective into, well, me.
Was your first solo trip everything you expected?
It was better than I expected. I actually really enjoyed myself and doing everything I wanted to do. It was so nice and relaxing!
Would you do it again?
Hell yeah! I’m actually looking into flights to Sweden, Ecuador or somewhere in Asia for my birthday.
I vote for Asia! It doesn’t get any cheaper than from LA. Go for it for that special occasion!
Did your fear come true or did you have nothing to worry about?
Well my fear of meeting people didn’t really cross my mind too often when I was there. I thought about it a couple times at night when I wanted to go out dancing, but I was totally content with having small talk with strangers on the beach or the locals.
That’s very similar to my Belize experience. While I didn’t make any lifelong friends as I’d hoped, I for sure got to have meals and/or drinks with people. My little snorkeling family was probably the best part.
High of the trip: Kayaking! I’ve always enjoyed kayaking but I’ve also been scared of it because of the unknown that’s chilling under your as your kayak through the ocean. But I conquered my fear and I loved it. I had a big smile on my face the whole time.
Kayaking is everything! And even more fun on vacation for some reason. I love being in the ocean but when you can’t see what’s swimming under you, that fear of the unknown kicks in. After voluntarily swimming with sharks I don’t think I get to use that excuse anymore though, haha.
Low of the trip: I wish I went out dancing but I was too afraid to walk the streets at night alone as my Airbnb host stayed in a “up and coming” neighborhood.
Any advice for someone gearing up to take their first solo trip?
I would tell them to not fear anything. Go into your trip with any open mind and a portable iphone charger!
 beach in puerto rico
An open mind is right! I always say that this fear of solo traveling is more of an American concept than anything. So many other countries send their underaged children on summer vacations to visit family alone, and gap years are pretty much standard in Europe and Australia. Not all of those young adults have friends to travel with, nor are they obsessing over it. Like I always say, go where your heart takes you. 

I want to thank Bianca for allowing me to interview her! I’m so excited to hear about her upcoming trips! Find Bianca on Instagram and Tumblr to keep up with her as well.

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