Wanderlust: A strong, innate desire, to rove or travel about.


          Monique Wise, the woman behind Wanderlust, My Way, is a Writer and Consultant. She has a B.A. in Psychology in addition to an M.B.A. with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, and believes that learning is a lifelong process. She claims to have an incurable case of wanderlust which you can see from her blog. It captures the travels of a young, millennial woman with a desire to see the world. She strongly believes that life isn’t meant to be lived in one place and her mission is to prove just that. Follow her journey through Wanderlust, My Way.

          Wanderlust, My Way was specifically created for the those with wanderlust in their hearts, but feel as though being able to travel isn’t in their budget. It’s for the college student weighing the option of studying abroad or taking a gap year and wondering if they can afford it. It’s for the recent college graduate with a starter salary trying to figure out how to pay back loans, start a life,  and still see the world at a time when they should be exploring. Wanderlust, My Way is for the human wanting to traipse the earth, but not wanting to break the bank doing it. It’s for the person who may not be able, nor have the desire, to fly to the other side of the world, but just visit the next town over. This is for you. This is Wanderlust, Your Way.

          Monique travels the world and shares her experiences with her readers to not only tell her story, but to inspire others to travel as well. While that was never her goal, after being told numerous times that she encouraged someone to book a flight, to go alone to another country, or to travel internationally for the first time, she figured it’s time she claim it. Monqiue wants to help you navigate that country by providing any tips, hacks, or plain old advice that you may need, dear wanderer.