Belize – Day 3

Once I realized that San Pedro was only a short ferry ride away from Caye Caulker, I knew I had to visit. Since I wouldn’t have time over the weekend, my Friday in Belize consisted of ¬†eventually rolling out of bed – this turned into a common theme – grabbing a quick breakfast and darting off to catch the ferry. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it didn’t take long for me to realize I prefer Caye Caulker over anywhere else.

San Pedro Shoreline

My rowmate on the flight into Belize (remember him?) told me that Caye Caulker was an expensive island (I debunked that theory) and that San Pedro was the party island. Now while I didn’t see any parties go down, I did notice the number of restaurants lining the main beach. There is also a number of hotel-esque type lodging which would be the only reason I would ever consider staying in this area. They definitely seem to have more updated lodging but I’ll deal with the old school, sweet charm of Caye Caulker any day.

Man Riding Bike in San Pedro

Before even boarding the ferry I was warned to watch out for drivers on the street. Like Caye Caulker, people in San Pedro drive golf carts around, but the difference is that the streets of San Pedro are actually paved (to an extent) and traffic is directed by police officers. The sidewalks are small and lined with shops selling trinkets, souvenirs and more. There were A LOT of those, and I hate the touristy feel. In addition to the food being highly priced, I had to walk for quite some time to look for a real beach to relax, and ended up settling at the very end of a pier. I guess it wasn’t a bad day after all.


Once my tanning session was done I headed toward where I would board the ferry to enjoy a happy hour and count down the minutes until I was back on Caye Caulker with the food at price points I’d become accustomed to. Upon arriving back “home” I jetted off to a restaurant called Sports Bar, had the rum punch and jerk chicken quesadilla, and even a free shot because it was a member of the live bands birthday. This was hands down the most lively establishment on the island and you can’t walk by without seeing a crowd spilling out onto the beach dancing, drinking, and having a good time.

San Pedro Pier San Pedro Belize

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