Yale University Art Gallery – A Series of Photos

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I recently spent the weekend in Connecticut with my blogger boo, Nonee (Nonee’s World). Our itinerary was up in the air for the most part but it was a given that we were going to check out at least one cool museum. She decided on the Yale University Art Gallery and to be honest, I couldn’t have picked a better place. There was modern art, African art, sculptures, portraits and more. And I love a good European portrait that’s about 300 years young.

Now while I love getting lost in a museum and roaming the halls for hours on end, I’m no art buff. I can’t tell you which period something came from, who created it (unless it’s someone obvious like Picasso or Basquiat), or what materials were used. What I can tell you is that if you’re into taking mini road trips when you can’t hop on a plane somewhere, then Connecticut is just a stones throw away from anywhere in the northeast and totally worth the visit. This museum, is more than worth the drive, ride, or teleport (I don’t know your life). So, ladies, ladies, and gentlemen if you’re out there…I present to you, the Yale University Gallery of Art:

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