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I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally be able to take another food tour, and in Paris no less. Now I thought I’d be trying the weirdest foods, and the term “weird” is super relative. But the way my palette is set up, the foods I eat and actually enjoy are minimal. One thing I did think I’d be testing out and didn’t was escargot. But I promise I’ll go out of my way to try it next time. This particular tour was run by Secret Food Tours Paris Montmartre. It was perfect for me because I was staying in Montmartre and was able to walk to the meeting point, albeit I went the entirely wrong direction the first time.

First let me say that I will not be sharing the locations of any of the eating places. If you want the best foods in the Montmartre (and possibly Paris) area, you should definitely sign up for one of their tours here. Also keep in mind that I first took one of their food tours in Madrid and it was amazing as well.

Why I Opted for a Food Tour

Food tours are a great way to not only eat like the locals, but you get to find out WHERE the locals eat. I mean, why go all the way to Paris and not have cuisine that’s deemed Parisian? I live for a good food tour because it becomes a walking and history tour all in one. You find out about certain landmarks and history while chowing down on some good eats. You basically pig out and walk it all off. Goodbye food-baby!

I also love them because it’s a great way to not only find out where you should eat, but you get better and better at choosing good restaurants. PRO TIP: If they have an english menu, keep walking. Now I’m not saying everyone with a menu in another language is horrid, but it tends to be a sign that they may not be as authentic as you believe. On this tour, Claire, our guide, also taught us the signage to look out for when it comes to shops and why the local, small establishment will always be the best.

What Went Down

I hopped out of bed and ran to meet Claire and the rest of the group to begin our food tour. I repeat, I hopped out of bed. So I was surprised to find out that we’d start with sweets. First a chocolate shop and then macarons. Spoiler alert: IT’S NOT LADURÉE. I don’t know that any chocolate on earth can quite compare to Swiss chocolate, but it was hands down some of the best I’ve ever had in life. TIP: if you’re unsure about a chocolate shop, go in and test their base chocolates (white, milk, dark). If it’s delicious, then you’re probably safe to go back in and go wild on the candy.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my sweets so I opted for the milk and dark chocolate bases. They were heavenly. When it came to the macarons, I can honestly say they were the best I’ve had, but I still am not a macaron fan. Claire recommended we try the outlandish flavors because really, how often would we have hand crafted macarons on the house, but I opted for one of my pair to be a simple lemon flavor.

Now moving on to the why I was here: bread, cheese, charcuterie. Could a girl really ask for more?

We started out grabbing more than a few fresh baguettes. I mean, just made and still piping hot where you could see the steam, baguettes. We broke bread, literally, and then continued on to a cheese shop. There I stood on a tiny sidewalk in Montmartre, probably in someones way, and had the absolute best cheese of my life. No exaggeration. And our last stop was to pick up a variety of pâtés and sausages, but not before trying out a yummy garlic sausage first.

Now that we were done grocery shopping, we headed to a location to sample everything. It truly seemed like the baguettes, meats and cheeses were on an endless conveyor belt. And how could I forget the wine? Funnily enough, Claire doesn’t care for Bordeaux wines but when I say I had the most DELICIOUS Bordeaux red, EVER… I’m actually sitting in an airport lounge right this minute, sipping a bordeaux because I’m cool, and fancy, and Bordeaux my new thing.

Should you take this tour?

I highly recommend this tour and recommend you seeking out Secret Food Tours in a city near you. The guides are always knowledgeable about the area and cuisine, and are the best resources when it comes to food! I always get great restaurant recommendations, find out if the places I’m going to/have been are worth it, and to be honest, I’m genuinely interested in why regions eat what they do. I mean, the story about the Portuguese and cod fish just may be the most random you’ll ever hear.

You should definitely take a food tour by your second day in a new location. This guarantees the yummiest of meals throughout your journey. Bon appétit!

Disclaimer: This food tour was in partnership with Secret Food Tours. All opinions are 100% truthful, and 100% my own. 

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  1. *adds “Secret Food Tours* to my list of things to do in Paris. I am so excited to try French cheese and wine. Can’t wait.

    1. Omg I’m excited for you! I can drink just about any wine but some of the cheeses were exquisite and it’s a great way to try think you would NEVER purchase or know existed. They also happened to just email me. Use code YUM12 for 12% off if you book a tour

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