From Bathing Suit to Bodysuit

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It doesn’t get any more frugal than me. On top of being a minimalist who doesn’t like a lot of clothes or clutter, I also have an internal fight about each and every purchase I make. If I buy one thing, I’m already planning on going home to get rid of three more things ON TOP of the large bag of donations I constantly have ready and waiting at the do’. So, when I purchased a bathing suit from Amazon for a bachelorette party, I had to make sure I chose one I would wear again and again…or at least one more “again.”

I went with the teal one piece that simply said “dope,” because that I am. It will most likely never be worn on my birthday and the ones that said “squad” didn’t seem fitting for a frequent solo traveler. So, Dope it was.

While it did the trick and the entire bridal party blended in, I wasn’t over the moon about the quality of the bathing suit. That’s what we get for spending less than $15. However, I definitely wanted my monies worth. So I had the bright idea of transitioning this particular bathing suit into a bodysuit. While it can easily be paired with some cut off jeans and sneakers or slides for a day at the beach or a cool, round-the-city look, I wanted to make it look more body suit like rather than beacher. So a pair of jeans and a denim shirt with my new favorite slides from Anthropologie did the trick.

I’m sure I’ll be wearing this bathing suit as a bodysuit again well before I even make it to the beach.

Get the look HERE

Would you ever repurpose a bathing suit? Have you ever done it? I’d love to see how you rocked it!

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