SHE SO MAJOR: Maintaining Natural Hair Abroad

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I was too thrilled to have the chance to catch up with my hair crush Sherice of She So Major! When she’s not jetting off to a place on my bucket list, she’s rocking the wash n’ go I wish I could manage. Sherice is a Travel Writer and Entrepreneur that teaches small businesses and other entrepreneurs how to build effective websites in 24 hours or less. That’s amazing. It really is. So I feel bad when I’m more concerned about her hair! I absolutely needed the scoop on how she maintains it abroad and she gave all that and more. Check out my interrogation of Sherice below.
When traveling, do you prefer protective styling or wearing your fro? Why?  
When traveling, I prefer to wear my hair in a few different styles. When flying I tend to use protective styling because I want to keep my hair as moisturized as possible, so a thick braid. When exploring a destination I tend to wear my hair curly(fro) because that’s how I feel most comfortable and a wash and go for me is easy and lasts for a few days.
I’m all about a wash and go these days so I completely understand.
Does the climate of your destination determine how you wear your hair? (Ex: If you’re going somewhere humid do you not bother straightening it).
The climate of a destination doesn’t determine how I wear my hair as much as it determines the products that I choose to pack. I adjust the products that I use based on the climate. When I went to South Africa, my hair was super dry and I was not prepared for the humidity and didn’t pack enough products. That’s a mistake I will never have again! I always research the season and weather before I fly out and pack enough leave-in conditioner, curl creme, gel or whatever else is needed to combat the humidity. If it is a colder destination like winters in Europe, I don’t need to pack as much product because it’s not needed and my hair absolutely loves the cold!
St. Maarten
I heard about that South African climate and now I know to be well prepared with all the creams.
I’m #teamcarryon so I can’t take too many liquids on a plane, especially not full sized products. How on earth do you maintain those beautiful curls abroad?  
I am team check in lol! I have to ensure that I have everything that I need because I do not like to purchase any unnecessary products when traveling. Have to keep the budget in check! I am also a proponent of downsizing and I never carry full-sized products. I purchase lots of travel sized products and I make sure to travel only with products that I know will give me the effect that I want. Only the go-to’s when I travel.  The worst thing that you can do is try new products while on the road. It’s a recipe for disaster. Another pro tip is to wash and style the day of or night before you travel. That eliminates the need for about a day or two of product. I take extra care while on vacation to preserve my curls by tying them down every night because I know I’m working on a small supply of product. 
Martha Brae, Trelawny, Jamaica
Yes! I completely agree about doing your hair about a day prior to travel. My hair always dries out eventually but those first few days are poppin!
Is there a go to haircare brand that you swear by? What’s your staple product (or products)?
Wow, this is a hard one because I use so many products but I will say that Deva Curl has never let me down. I can not leave home without their styling creme. 
If you were determined to wash and style your hair on vacation, what’s the easiest style that you’d do that’s also easy to maintain?  
I’m a wash n go kinda girl. It’s easy and effortless to maintain. 
And you’re wash and go’s are nothing short of flawless so that makes sense!
Now for the most important question…where in the world are you off to next?  
I have a few smaller trips but the next big trip is to South Africa with Explore Africa Tour! It’s my second year joining them and it was such a great experience the first time around I couldn’t miss the trip this year. IF you’ve never been to Africa, what are you waiting for?
Dubrovnik – Old Town, Croatia

I actually plan to visit Africa for the first time next year but if I can make it this year I will. I’m sure we’re all are eager to follow your journey back to the motherland. Thanks so much, Sherice!

You can find Sherice on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest (@shesomajor) and at!

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  1. I’ve been natural for 4 years now. Haven’t traveled with my natural curls (I tend to wear crochet styles when I’m out and about), but I’m extremely tempted to try soon. Posts like this help immensely because I’m always worried my fro won’t lay right or the curls won’t bounce the way I want. lol. You hair is beautiful and so is @shesomajor!

  2. I’m team carry on too! LOL so I basically never bring hair products with me…only a ton of sunscreen because I’m super particular about my sunscreen. Her hair is gorgeous!! I always wanted a head of big curls!!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!!! This is so important and something I wonder about when traveling. I would most def have to be team check-in idk how you do carry on!! You’re amazing xo

    1. Haha! Thank you! I reuse the little travel bottles that other hair products came in. I just fill them up with my staple products and usually know how many uses I can get from one little bottle. I definitely need to start doing my hair more when traveling. I feel like I never have time!

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