South in the City Picnic – Governors Island

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For the first time in my life, my summer is booked. As an introvert, I don’t really care to have that much of a social life, but I do. It just turned out that way. So I was super happy when I was invited by a friend (past Wanderlust My Way feature, Nina Burnett) to fill up my last free weekend in NYC with a picnic. South in the City picnic on Governor’s Island would turn out to be the relaxing, yet excitingly “lit” get together of the summer.

Imagine the Vueve Cliquot Polo Classic (the Kentucky Derby for polo) meets picnic in the park with your good group of friends PLUS a great DJ. Oh, and very strong adult beverages and amazing BBQ was included. Does that sound like your speed?

Living in the city for almost three years and never having stepped foot onto Governor’s Island meant I was down for the adventure anyway. So with my friend and personal connoisseur of cruises, Alison, down to tag along, we met up at the southernmost point of Manhattan and hopped on the five minute ferry to the island.

Once the ferry docked we were just a few minutes walk from the festivities. Because I was both starving and  ready for a cocktail, the first thing we did was grab some “sangria” that tasted like hennessy with 1 strawberry and 2 pineapple slices. I then got some smoked chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, cornbread salad, and smoked mac and cheese. Have you ever heard of smoked mac and cheese? Have you ever tasted it? YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE.

Staking our claim on a picnic blanket on a patch of grass toward the back was the best idea. We wanted to be a ways from the base of the speakers, and the music only got louder. Throughout the evening people casually strolled in and set up shop. They had picnic baskets filled with soul food, fresh fruit, flowers, and cocktails.

After eating we perused a few vendor stands. It reminded me of Curlfest on a smaller scale. The only natural hair stand was Eden Body Works and I can’t be happier that they walked around handing out bags of true samples. You could also find witty teeshirts, handmade jewelry to accentuate your natural hair, and there was even a stand that sold wigs.

The South in the City Picnic was truly a place to be social, eat great food, drink delicious drinks if you’re into that sort of thing, and just listen to music with a good group of friends. The fact that it had the nerve to be on an island was a plus! I’m definitely putting it on my calendar for 2018.

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