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I am smack dab in the middle of my third year living in New York City, and another year would’ve gone by without me attending Curlfest. That was until blogger babe, Nonee (Nonee’s World), popped into town and said it was a must that we attend.

Seeing as how the event was over at 7pm, I didn’t see it in the cards for us showing up at a cool 6:15.

*Rewind* Curlfest is an annual gathering of Curly Haired Melanin Rich Goddesses (and Gods) that goes down in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. There’s plenty of food, music, and more importantly, every curly hair care brand that matters. Not only do women flock to the park for plenty of samples from brands they love, and some they’re just interested in testing, but the discounts on full sized products are amazing. You don’t have to wait for the CVS buy one get one 50% off sale, just stock up on your favorite brands at Curlfest.

If you’re anything like me and try to keep your hair products to a minimum, Curlfest still may be the festival for you. I want to use every drop of my creams, gels, and curly girl potions before I buy yet another product, but hanging around a bunch of beautiful people who are celebrating everything they are is always a magical time. There are also plenty of Black owned companies with booths as well. There were all types of clothing apparel and jewelry and FOOD that made that trek further out into Brooklyn well worth it. It’s also just a great place to chill and people watch as well.


Prospect Park, Brooklyn every single year. Literally just show up to an entrance and look for the droves of Afro having fashionistas. Follow them.


IT’S FREE, GIRL! You can RSVP to secure your goodie/gift bag, but you can also walk right up and partake in the festivities.


Bring your monies for all those hair products! Also some form of cash. Not everybody takes cards (think food trucks, people selling water, certain vendors etc.).

Also bring a picnic blanket and your own cooler or bag of food. It’s a real festival where people are just sitting around on the grass with their friends and family enjoying each other while enjoying EVERYONE at the same time.


NO, MA’AM! Come as you are, whomever you are. Everyone is welcome, just be prepared for a melanin overload. If you can’t stand to be around gorgeous humans, I’m so sorry, this isn’t the festival for you.


If you made a trip to the motherland and got a custom made dress with that cloth you couldn’t part with, wear that. You can buy an entire outfit at Curlfest or come in literally whatever you decide to throw on in the morning. The brighter the colors, the better. But it’s totally a-ok if you aren’t into fashion.

It’s essentially a festival to bring women in the natural hair community together. We went to celebrate everything about ourselves we were told was ugly. It’s a great place for networking, and more importantly to spread love. That’s the Brooklyn way.

I scored this top at an amazing Anthropologie sale about a week prior to Curlfest and figured it was the perfect time to throw it on and head out. While it’s no longer available, here are some other great options from the Maeve collection that I also love.




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