Music Festival Checklist & Festival Camping Essentials

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I always assume I’ve been to a festival or two, until I realize that I’ve been to many, and a couple were around the world. It’s too easy to be more excited about the festival lineup and what yummy food is being served (me) that we forget about basic festival camping essentials like a quick drying camping towel. Or, we put the camper stove on our music festival checklist and completely forget that we need pots to cook with and oh, I don’t know, forks? Run down this list before you pack up and run off to your next music festival.

Setting Up Camp

It takes a strong person to camp during a music festival. Sleeping amidst hundreds of people can be the most comfortable or uncomfortable thing you ever do. Porta Potty’s aren’t for the faint of heart. You need somewhere to sleep, something to sleep on, and something to sleep in/under. You also need a place to sit for when you don’t want to be cooped up in your tent and having something to shield you from the elements is a plus.

Camping Kitchen

A stove, pots and pans, and utensils to eat and cook with should be your first priority. You’ll also need somewhere to store anything that isn’t non-perishable and be sure to pack loads of vitamin c because you may be sleeping in a breeding ground of germs.

What You Need Inside the Festival

Cash is the most important thing to take to a festival because if you tend to frequent festivals abroad, they not only may not take credit cards, but they may not take YOUR card. You’ll also be hard pressed to find festivals where everyone is able to swipe. I know, it doesn’t even feel like 2018. If you like to upload every second to Instagram you’ll need the number one festival camping essential, a portable charger. Check in advance to see if you can pack an umbrella and if the answer is yes, take a pocket one. Also, water to wash your hands isn’t guaranteed so plenty of hand sanitizer is a must.

Festival Clothing Essentials

I too would much rather pack cute “festival worthy” clothes rather than practical ones, but my second to last music festival has me thinking slightly differently. Keep in mind that it might rain and prepare for that if nothing else. Get socks that are breathable but also quick drying, pack a jacket if it’s guaranteed to get cool at night, and a poncho is necessary for those torrential downpours. I wasn’t able to bring an umbrella into one festival so trust me on this poncho thing. And get a good one.

Festival Bathroom Essentials

If you opt to camp during your music festival experience, then you definitely need to pack some basic bathroom essentials since you won’t be able to have hotel staff bring things to your front door. Instead of packing soaps and praying for a few gallons of hot water, it may make more sense to take shower sheets. Also leave your favorite fluffy towel at home and opt for a light weight microfiber towel that’s fast drying.

Fun & Entertainment

A smartphone could definitely be a festival camping essential because of the thousands of games at your fingertips. However,  if you want to save your battery, take it back to the Stone Ages and pack a nostalgic card game or even a board game if you have the room.

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