FITFORT ACTION CAMERA 4K (NYC Test Footage & Review)

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I’m not going to lie. I’ve been eyeballing every Go Pro that’s come about since I first discovered the action camera. However, spending a few hundred on a camera was hard to do since I already have a perfectly amazing Nikon, want to do things like buy new lenses for it, and a few hundred dollars is an entire international trip for me. Fast forward to the Fitfort Action Camera equipped with 4K and wifi.

I very recently heard of this camera (by very recently I mean a week or two ago) through someone in one of my many travel groups. Someone was inquiring about a Go Pro and he chimed in saying that this camera was just as good and a fraction of the price. And it records in 4K? No kidding? Now ask me what 4K even is…but I digress.

I immediately added this baby to my Amazon cart and decided it would hold me over until I made a decision about a Go Pro. For $63 and great reviews I figured it was worth the shot. I just wanted cool underwater shots like all the other travel bloggers, man.

I thought I’d be sunning on a beach and getting some great footage but the way this last NorthEast storm was set up, that didn’t happen. So I decided to bring you guys along for a “day in the life” style journey while I grabbed some test footage. Now, had I known the water case on the camera would muffle the sound, I clearly would’ve left it at home. However, you love and you learn.

Here’s the footage I recorded throughout the day so you can see the quality of the cam.

You can shop all the items I purchased here, of course:


4K COMPATIBLE MicroSD (I didn’t know I needed to purchase this)

ACCESSORIES (I bought this whole lot just for the floating monopod)

I think this camera did what I expected it to do. I literally only bought it for snorkeling (and hopefully scuba diving) shots. Because I’m not an action camera connoisseur I bet these cameras do way more than I could ever imagine, but for the price, I would’ve been happy if it was just a point and shoot. 4K and wifi? Don’t even care. And while we’re on the 4K discussion, if you get this camera MAKE SURE you get a 4k compatible MicroSD card so you get the most bang for your buck and best quality videos.

If you have this camera, let me know what you think!


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