New York City to Paris with Norwegian Air – Premium Class

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Like many of you, I’ve been eyeing those Norwegian Air flights to Europe. $99 one way flight sales to places like Norway, Paris, Ireland, etc., and often times less than $300 round trip surely must come with a catch. While I’ve flown low cost carriers such as Ryan Air throughout Europe, I’ve never flown one from America. The thought of paying for baggage of a certain size and food was always off-putting. However, with Norwegian, their premium class prices are always comparable to economy class on other airlines, and the perks that come with it are exactly what I needed. So, I decided to test out the premium class by flying from New York City to Paris with Norwegian Air.


Some people take a lot of things into consideration before buying anything but an economy ticket. So let’s get that good stuff out of the way first.

When checking in at the airport I was able to do so through a different, expedited line. Going through TSA was also supposed to be expedited by going through the 1st/Business Class line, but once it was time to go through security, I was in a long line just like everyone else. After arriving at the gate to wait for boarding, I decided to check out the lounge that came with a premium ticket. Having been a member of Priority Pass for some time now, I have to say that the lounge was nothing special, but I haven’t been into a lounge in America yet that’s knocked my socks off. This has nothing to do with Norwegian as it is not their lounge specifically, premium cabin ticket holders just have access to them. I had a glass of champagne and grabbed some snacks for my trip.

Getting ready to board was a tricky process as the attendants waited until the last minute to make makeshift aisles for boarding, and I had to walk around huge crowds of people twice just to find out where to stand. After that, boarding was a breeze.

I love the 2-3-2 configuration of the seating as I was a part of the 2’s. I wouldn’t want to sit in the middle of the cabin, at least not in the middle seat. While there were no screens in the headrests, there was a small screen that came up from the armrest which I actually enjoyed more. I mean, with the way these seats reclined, I didn’t want my entertainment experience to be altered. I also loved being able to charge my phone with just the USD cord in the monitor.

One interesting thing I learned was that the flight was designed to prevent, or lessen, the effects of jet lag. The air pumped through the cabin and the mood lighting made sure of this. Even the windows were self dimming versus having to open and close a shutter. Maybe I can thank Norwegian for my first comfortable snooze tens of thousands of feet in the air. I promise you this has never happened for me. Another great feature is the foot rest that doesn’t fully extend, but adds extra comfort when reclining. I mean major comfort. I threw on my compression socks and chillaxed for the rest of the flight.


I won’t go into too much detail because I’m no Andrew Zimmern, but I loved the food on both my flights. Heading to Paris, I opted for the beef which, forgive me, I believe came with scalloped carrots and potatoes as well a green vegetable. A bread roll, cold pasta/salad, and dessert are served as well. It was fantastic. I rarely enjoy the desserts on flights as I’m a simple dessert gal, but everything else got a 10 from me. It was truly the best I’ve ever had.

Upon returning from Paris I wanted the beef again but decided to switch it up for you guys. I went with the shrimp scampi and while I was expecting something different (think Red Lobster) it was still yummy. It was served with rice and the usual sides. I didn’t order any snacks or additional food during either of my flights but that’s definitely an option. Heck, I’m sure if I’d asked for another meal it would’ve been provided.

Premium vs Economy

This was my very first time flying anything other than economy, and while I can definitely say it’s comparable to flying economy on any other airlines flying from America to Europe, it was a still a step up, in my opinion.

While waiting for economy to board, we were offered a variety of juices (orange and apple) and water. If you’re expecting champagne or something a little stronger, you’ll have to wait until meal service. While I was used to the standard two meals (usually dinner and breakfast, or a snack then dinner) complete with alcoholic beverages, I wasn’t used to this level of customer service.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like flight attendants look over me or give certain other passengers more attention. I was pleased to feel like I was seen and just as important as anyone else. I mean, having the attendant insists on topping off your wine when you say you’ll pass on another glass is just the bee’s knees. Y’all know I love wine. I will say that because I’m a fake connoisseur, I wasn’t impressed with the red selection. On my return flight I saw a couple return their glasses of white wine in favor of vodka tonics. On that particular flight I opted for the champagne and it was an excellent choice, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of my return flight, I will never forget yet another flight attendant that went the extra mile and exuded amazing customer service. I’m never one to police someones face as I know what it’s like, but her smile was infectious and greatly appreciated. I felt welcomed and well attended to. It may not be much to people but it actually made my flight that much better.

Would I fly Norwegian Airlines again?

Hell yeah. While I’m willing to test out their economy throughout Europe, when it comes to leaving from America, I figure I may as well book a premium class ticket for the same price, often times less, as an economy ticket on another airline. I get better service that I’ve yet to have on any other airline (trust me on this) and it’s a more comfortable flight. It was a dream not having to sleep sitting up. Any other time I barely make it to REM sleep before I’m awake watching movies to pass the time.

You can catch snippets of my time in the Premium cabin in Days 1 and 6 of my Parisian vlogs. If you’ve flown Norwegian before, drop a comment below about your experience with them!

*This flight was taken in partnership with Norwegian Air. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Interesting. I live in Atlanta but booked a deal from NYC to Paris. I bought economy because that was the good deal. Since I had to fly to JFK and get a hotel room on my return I didn’t upgrade to premium. Going to Paris we did not have a good experience. From the check in with the confusing carry on bag requirements and having to check two more bags than we had planned and paid for. I did pay for bags in advance and purchased seats and food. The food going was such a small amount and without bread or salad. On return it was not even edible. Although check in was smoother on our return. The in flight entertainment choices were so limited and ol! We actually tried to upgrade to premium by bidding for the return but didn’t get it. By the time I added up all the extra costs it wasn’t a good deal. I’m glad your experience was better.

    1. Hey Nadeen! Your experience is actually the one I’m terrified of! That’s why I’m so glad I opted for premium because I don’t think these situations happen with them, or at least not as much. I’m so sorry you went through that as it’s a travel nightmare.

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