A Look Back: PARIS

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If you know me, and you probably don’t, you know about my deep love for Paris. Now, maybe I suffer from Paris Syndrome, but I’ve been and wasn’t underwhelmed. It doesn’t help that I fall in love with every city I visit, but I digress. While I want to live in most countries for at least a few months at a time, if you asked where I would live abroad first , my first response would be Paris (especially if money isn’t an issue). You can’t convince me that this city isn’t pure magic. And I want to be wherever the magic is.

Paris Carousel

Wanderlust, My Way took a couple other forms before becoming what it is today. On those platforms I discussed every single trip I took, but didn’t transfer those posts here. I’ve been to loads more countries than you’re aware of. Over the next few weeks I’ll be revisiting those countries to tell you guys about my visits and we get to start with non other than….PARIS. Enjoy 🙂

Where I Stayed

Paris was my second time out of the country and my first international flight whatsoever. I won’t get into how this flight set the standard for every flight I would take afterwards. It was through Delta but one of the best flights service/entertainment-wise that I’ve taken to date. This was also a time in life before I knew HOW to travel, so my friend and I booked a hotel as opposed to airbnb, which isn’t so bad. But booking the flight/hotel combo about two weeks before the trip was in no way the best idea. We just wanted to be in Paris.


We stayed at the Hotel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel. Don’t bother saying that 10x fast. It was minutes from the train station that we only used twice to get to Versaille and the second time to go to the airport. The main perk of this hotel was that it’s just blocks from the Eiffel Tower. We could actually see if when standing the parking lot out front and I’m sure if we paid for an upgrade, we would’ve had the view as well. This was also a time before researching central areas to stay before choosing accommodations so we went with the vicinity of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Next time I’d research areas I like to spend time the most (since I’m a walker) and stay within walking distance to those.

monique wise paris

How to Get Around

On foot, of course. As I mentioned, we caught the train to Versailles and back. The only other time we used the train was to get to the airport. We walked a hell of a lot to put it mildly. A cab was necessary to get to/from the trade shows as they were very far and we were dressed for the occasion, but had I worn sneakers, I probably would’ve walked there too. Busses are another alternative, especially when trying to get from one random neighborhood to another.

love lock bridge paris

You know I’m a on foot type of lady and I will always stand by it. I discover some of the best neighborhoods and restaurants by walking around everywhere. Some of my favorite photographs from every journey were taken in/of places I stumbled upon and couldn’t get back to no matter how hard I try to remember. I also wouldn’t have spotted them from a car.

What I Did

Unfortunately we were just missing “regular” Fashion Week and arriving during Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer. While I probably wouldn’t have gained access to any shows had I tried, I wasn’t necessarily interested in seeing them anyway. I did want to have a fashion aspect of the trip, so I scored access to a coupe trade shows (one paid and one free) to document for my readers. The Capsule and Tranoi trade shows were the highlights of Paris.

roue de paris ferris wheel

When visiting new countries I sometimes look for major events that correspond with my interests. If I come across anything that I wouldn’t normally be interested in, I still may throw it on my virtually nonexistent itinerary. Try out a music festival or look out for art gallery openings. While those are things I’d do in America, it’s always a different vibe and feel when it a completely different country.

Should You Go?

Why would you not? I do know a lot of people who either love or hate Paris. I’ve never met a human that was indifferent and luckily I’m one of those humans who is absolutely mesmerized by that majestic place. Have a crepe atop a ferris wheel overlooking the city or an impromptu photoshoot along the Seine River. Take a train to Versailles at dusk and see the palace just as the sun goes down and the golden gates look more regal than they ever will. I never in a million years imagined doing any of those things and yet I did…in Paris.

paris river

paris lock bridge

lock bridge paris

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