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I can’t believe I only just discovered the greatness that is Anthropologie. A few weeks ago when I was on the hunt for new pieces to balance out the bags of clothes I was giving away, I stumbled into a store off of the strength that they were offering an additional 30% off of clearance. I was literally on my way to Zara right next door.

After perusing through the few racks with clearance items, I was kind of overwhelmed but continued along with my glance technique. I don’t need to touch or swipe through every item. I glance at the rack as I walk by and if something pops out to me, I check it out. Thinking this was a failed mission I rounded the corner and spotted this number: the Carina Open-Shoulder Dress.

I scored this beauty for $49.95, the top I wore to Curlfest for $19.95, and a cool candle that I couldn’t leave behind for $5.95. Now take 30% off of all of that and that’s what I paid.

Not only did I feel like I hit the jackpot, but I was now completely obsessed with Anthropologie. The next day I set out to find another location to see what goodies they had. That’s when I found the slides I wore with my H&M Blush dress. Those were only $29.95 with an additional 30% off. I was so glad I found this cute velvet pair in-store because the night before I was going to order the brown leather pair in a size 7 (my size), but when trying on the only pair in the store (size 8) they fit perfectly. Now I’ve never worn a size 8 shoe in my entire life but I swiped those sandals so fast and ran to the register!

I knew immediately that this dress would be my new summer uniform so it’s no shocker that I’ve already worn it twice. If it makes it into my attire every single weekend it won’t be enough. I love it!

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