Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

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This day would be the highlight of my entire trip. I’d been waiting for it since before I set out on my journey. My ticket for the Blue Lagoon was my most prized possession and I was set to be there at 1pm. After a late breakfast and me realizing I needed to jet to the bus station, I went back to my house, threw my swimwear in a bag and speed walked to the bus station. Busses were heading to the lagoon every hour and I needed to be on the next one smoking.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a ways away from Reykjavik but the ride was super relaxing. It was so nice after nonstop traveling to be able to sit back and relax versus rush somewhere. Once I arrived at the lagoon I got my wristband (all purchases are charged to this band and it controls your storage locker) and I quickly changed and headed to the actual lagoon. It was super chilly outside and I needed some of that thermal goodness.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

After wading in the water and trying out some exfoliation and mask products, I decided to head to the bar and indulge in an adult beverage. I opted for a cider and it was probably my second best decision of the day, the first was coming to the lagoon. I lounged around for the better part of the day before heading to the silica mud mask bar and indulging in another mask, on the house of course. I must admit that traveling had my skin looking 50 shades of crazy. I don’t know if it was the masks, the water, or both, but immediately after leaving the spa my skin felt and looked 10x better. There’s something magical in that water I tell ya.

Blue Lagoon Aqua Massage

Even though this was a solo trip for me it’s perfect for friends, family, and couples. I saw plenty of children having fun and enjoying the lagoon with their families. The cafe’s and restaurant on the premises have some of the best food you will try during your entire stay in Iceland and they give you a reason to make your trip to the Blue Lagoon an all day affair. The spas and services offered are unmatched and a great way to prepare for or end your travels. I purposely saved the best for last and this was just another reason to love Iceland. I’ve already been recommending the lagoon as a must see for people visiting soon and I hope you make a visit sooner rather than later.

Wanderlust My Way Blue Lagoon

Special thanks to Birgitta and the entire Blue Lagoon staff for making my trip to Iceland and the lagoon memorable. I can’t wait to visit again!


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  1. Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Iceland, I have a trip coming up and I’m curious to know if you had any more recommendations/suggestions for Iceland?

    Must see/Must try etc.

    thanks 😉

    1. Hi Steven! I have to admit that I mostly explored Reykjavik, however I have my itinerary for my next visit, whenever that may be. One recommendation is taking advantage of the duty free store on your way out of the airport for alcohol if nothing else. I was shocked that Iceland was the most expensive country during my trip and even a croissant and cup of tea for breakfast hurt my wallet. If you’re there long enough and/or have access to a kitchen then “Bonus” will be your best friend. It’s a super cheap grocery store and they’re all over. I’d compare it to Aldi’s where they have basic necessities.
      On my last day I toyed with the idea of a Golden Circle tour but I wasn’t moved by the itinerary, especially not enough to spend almost $100 on it. I’d personally rent a car next time and drive the golden circle myself, but most importantly I’D GO HIKING (solo or not). I’m upset I missed out on the nature aspect of Iceland. Oh and definitely visit the Blue Lagoon of course.
      I hear the scuba diving is great as well but ummm, the cold is not my friend.

      side note: you may know that aurora borealis is only visible during winter months when it gets darkest at night. While I was just there I’d wake up at 3am and be able to clearly see down the street and the sun had barely gone down whenever I went to bed. So my next trip will unfortunately be when it’s freezing cold, which I hate.

  2. It sounds like you really had an awesome time. This is what I was expecting too! I’m glad you enjoyed it though because you were so pumped for it! ?

    1. Thank you! I’m happy that you were honest about your experiences! Sometimes we visit cities or attractions that just aren’t all that everyone makes them seem. Honesty is important.

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