6 Fun Things to Do in Portugal

Portugal holidays

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Now that you know all of the cities to visit in Portugal, it’s time to discuss all of the wonderful things to do in Portugal no matter what area you’re in. This Southern European country is one of the oldest in Europe and by far one of the most popular. If Portugal wasn’t on your bucket list before, add it now. And then plan to visit again and again.

What to Do in Portugal

There’s no shortage of things to do in Portugal. If you’ve already booked your flight, step two should be renting a car and planning a road trip around the country. Step three is when you fill your itinerary with all of these awesome things to do in one of my favorite countries.

1. Take A Food Tour

6 fun things to do in Portugal

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is take a food tour. While in Portugal I opted for the Taste of Lisboa food tour and while I loved it, there are a few other options I came across. Here’s an affordable, self guided food tour.

Food tours are a great way to not only try local foods, but you get to find out where the locals actually eat. While I enjoy having asian cuisine in France, I just as much enjoy trying foods that are native to the country. My favorite part of a food tour is walking around a new city and learning the history behind why certain people eat what they eat. I don’t know why it’s so fascinating to me, but it is.

2. Surf Some of the Best Waves

Portugal is home to some of the biggest waves you’ll ever see and surfers flock to them. All I can think about is drowning, but if you’re into surfing you’ll love your options.

If you only make it as far as Lisbon, I definitely recommend heading out to Cascais and checking out a few of the beaches in the area. If you’re in the Algarve region then the beaches are a dime a dozen and you just have to take your pick. Southern Portugal is a little more laid back and the towns have more of a beach vibe than anywhere else.

3. Go Kayaking

When the weather is lovely all year round, I like to indulge in water sports. They such a fun activity that’ll wear you out and have you ready for bed at a decent hour. Goodbye, jet lag.

This kayak tour of the Benagil Caves is high on my list of things to do the next time I’m in Portugal and I hope you’ll add it to yours. This is the type of thing that most people rarely do on their own, so booking a tour is more than worth the experience and memories.

4. Visit A Palace or Castle

planning Portugal holidays

I ended up visiting a palace on thanksgiving day thanks to my day trip to Sintra and Cascais. I was just tagging along with some friends I had met and had no clue what to expect, but boy am I glad I went.

There are palaces and castles all over Portugal. Remember, it’s one of the oldest countries in Europe, so it’s no stranger to royalty. Book a tour or do a self guided one through halls that have been around since medieval times and withstood invasions and new settlers alike.

5. Sunbathe On A Beautiful Beach

Sometimes I can be a lazy traveler. Who am I kidding? That’s most of the time!

There’s not much that I enjoy more than slathering on the sunblock and getting a snooze on soft sand as the waves crash against the shore.

Portugal is packed with beaches from Lisbon to Faro and if you wanted to visit a different beach each day of your trip, you could do that. This may not be everyones idea of fun but if the weather calls for it, I say take a beach day. You’ve earned it.

6. Get Lost in Museums

things to do in portugal

I’m not always drawn to museums but I specifically remember riding back from a tour in Lisbon and passing a museum that I thought looked cool. So the next day when my itinerary was empty, I walked back to it. Museums are like movies to me. They’re places I enjoy going alone and getting lost in what feels like another world. If you feel that way too, please check out any of the many museums around the country that contain everything from modern art to natural history. They’re a great way to fill a gap in your itinerary and learn something new about the place you’re visiting.

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