Long Haul Flight Essentials – Everything You NEED

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I haven’t taken an official census or anything, but it seems as though people are hopping on more long haul flights than ever before. Newbie travelers post daily in my groups and mention how they’re joining the solo travel train. The best part is that they’re heading to far destinations on their first solo trips. I couldn’t be more proud. The follow up question is usually them inquiring about long haul flight essentials. You have a 14 hour flight and then another seven hour one to get to Thailand, you say? I got ya.

A Comfy Travel Pillow

I know this pillow looks a little wonky but hear me out. If you have that pillow that snaps at the neck, or worse, doesn’t clasp at all, then you know how uncomfortable the chin area can be. I’ll be at hour five on a plane, doze off, and damn near break my neck mid-sleep. I HATE the fact that most travel pillows lack all around support. This BCOZZY travel pillow is the solution to that. Chin support for everyone!

Dream Water (Sleep Aid)

If I had one actual complaint about flights, it’s the fact that I’m up the entire time. If I catch a z, or three, it’s for all of 10 minutes. That’s just enough time for drool to pool in my mouth but also enough time for me to wake up and catch it before I embarrass myself. What comes highly recommend to battling insomnia on flights? Dream Water. This water is packed with the all natural sleep aid known as melatonin. It’s especially a great way to battle jet leg and keep up with the rest of the folks around Paris when you’re coming all the way from Los Angeles.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones make it to every travel essentials list I create because they are the truth! Even if you’re one of those people who hate complaints about crying babies on flights, I’m sure you still would rather not hear it, right?  I used to be one of those people. Now I’m lucky enough to hear the flight attendant coming around asking if I want red or white wine. Sony, you did good with these. And they also come with an aux cord so you can plug it into your in flight entertainment versus going wireless.

Compression Socks

Please don’t fight me on this. I too am in my twenties and never in a million years did I think I’d need compression socks. That was until I was on a flight back to New York from Bali and realized that my ankles looked like they belonged on someone twice my size. And the ankle that was wrapped in a cute anklet I’d found on a beach in Seminyak? Well that one was the worst. These particular socks come with funky designs but plain ones work just as well. We can look like grandmothers until we land. You’ll live.

Disinfecting Wipes

Have you ever boarded a plane immediately after watching hundreds of people disembark from that same aircraft? Did you think the twenty minutes in between flights was dedicated to giving the plane a good ol’ scrub? How cute. You’re adorable.

Buy these wipes and before you get comfortable in your seat scrub down the head rest, the arm rest, the tray table, the tv…hell, scrub the window too! SCRUB EVERYTHING. And thank me later.

Lotion (and more lotion)

I may be an oily, greaseball when on land, but when 30,000 feet in the air I am at my driest. I know when I’m flying I HAVE to pack my chapstick AND some LOTION. The longer the flight, the drier I get. Also, the longer the flight, the more times you may use the restroom and…well I can’t be the only one whose hands get extremely dry when using a soap that isn’t in my home. It’s impossible to battle dryness mid flight so get several bottles, but make sure it’s the travel size.

While I have an entire bag dedicated to things I NEED on my flights, these are things I believe everyone truly needs for long haul flights. The nonnegotiable, if you will.

What are some things you can’t step foot onto a flight without? Drop them below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means that should you purchase from the links provided, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you 🙂


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  1. I love these recommendations! The only one I would add would be a well-made eye mask. I got one that I love for about $12 on Amazon that completely blocks out the light. Sometimes even when they’ve dimmed the cabin lights, there’s still ambient light from people’s screens or over head light if a seat mate is reading, so an eye mask is a must have for me. Happy traveling!!

    1. I actually saw the eye mask on someone else’s list and considered it! Thankfully I’ve never needed one (knock on wood) but they’re so handy and take up virtually no space!

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