Iceland Accommodation: Where to Stay in Iceland

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Even if you’re not a budget traveler, finding a place to stay in Iceland can be a doozy. Iceland accommodation tends to range from pricey to highly expensive, but depending on which part of the country you’re in and the amenities, that price may be justified. If you’re wondering where to stay in Iceland, these are the places I recommend:


Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

The Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura is one of the most popular eco-friendly options in Reykjavik. This hotel offers shuttle services, an onsite spa, a restaurant, and even a sun deck. It’s also great for both solo travelers and families.

Grettir Guesthouse

One of the more affordable places to stay in Iceland in the Grettir Guesthouse. It may look like a regular home on the outside, but the inside is giving some hotels a run for their money. Not only is there a self service check-in process, but it is just a five minute walk to Hallgrimskirkja. Places like these make roaming Reykjavik on foot even easy.

Stay Apartments Bolholt

A studio apartment style of lodging is probably your best bet when in Reykjavik, especially if you want to save money by cooking. Stay Apartments Bolholt provides a place to stay for solo travelers and groups of friends who want to be in the same quarters but have different beds. Free wifi is also another important amenity especially if you can’t quite “unplug” while on vacation and if you forgot to pack a necessity, there is a shopping center just a 10 minute walk away.


The Barn

There was no way I could make this list without including a hostel. The Barn is one of the most popular hostels in Southern Iceland. If hostels aren’t your thing or if you want to ease into one, I recommend opting for a a private room. The Barn offers free wifi, a bar, and a shared kitchen. The stylish decor is just an added bonus.

Hotel Kria

Hotel Kria is one of those places that may make you want to hang out in/around the hotel during your entire trip. You get to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape of the hotel and its the perfect scene for a nice, long hike. There is not only a cocktail bar on the premises, but a restaurant that serves Icelandic cuisine that you can’t miss the opportunity to try.

Icelandair Hotel Vik

Icelandair Hotel Vik is another hotel that offers breathtaking views of its surroundings. There is a daily breakfast buffet to enjoy before you set off on your daily activities of horseback riding, golfing, or glacial tours. The possibilities are endless. It’s also all too easy to opt to stay in bed with views of the mountains or sea.


Hotel Akureyri

If you love Bed & Breakfast vibes then you’ll love Hotel Akureyri. This hotel is located on the Main Street of Akureyri and just a little over one mile from the airport! With Lake Mývatn being just an hours drive away, this hotel makes for a great base for day trips or for a quiet getaway.

Hrafninn Guesthouse

Located near plenty of shops, Hrafninn Guesthouse is a quaint and very affordable lodging option. It’s another option with a self service check in and its just minutes from Akureyri Church. This guesthouse is very popular among solo travelers and you may have never guessed, but it’s just a 10 minute drive from Hlídarfjall Ski Resort. Therefore it’s a skiers favorite choice as well.

Saeluhus Apartments & Houses

Saeluhus Apartments & Houses give you that modern studio vibe that many prefer. It’s located just off of Icelands Ring Road but another great feature is that it’s just 2,650 feet away from the Akureyri town center. Talk about being in the center of everything! These apartments offer washers and dryers and even jacuzzi’s. It’s a home away from home with a luxe feel.

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