Twist Out on Natural Hair Tutorial Featuring Schwarzkopf Keratin Color

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I recently did that thing that most of us naturals are afraid of. I dyed my hair! Although my past experience with hair dye (years ago) left me scarred, after reading up on Schwarzkopf Keratin Color I felt like I was in safe hands. K-BOND PLEX™ is salon inspired anti-breakage technology and repairs the inner hair structure for strong and healthy looking hair. I picked up a box from Walmart‘s hair care aisle and ran home to get started.

I went with the color Ruby Noir, which turned out to be a great choice. Schwarzkopf offers an array of intense colors that provide even color from root to tip. This is professional quality hair color at home that is easy to use and produces beautiful color results that last!

For reference, here’s how my hair originally looked prior to coloring…

How to Get Your Fluffy Twist Out

Step 1

Separate your freshly washed and conditioned hair into sections. To add and maintain moisture throughout the week I apply a leave in conditioner, seal it with an oil, and then a cream. The cream is for twisting so if you have a favorite twisting cream, now’s the time to pull it out.

Keep in mind that I separate my hair into 4 sections for ease of styling. If you prefer to just begin twisting after moisturizing your hair, by all means go for it. I also make sure that my part in the front is where I prefer so I don’t have to go back and part later.

I then begin twisting by taking a subsection, parting it into two and twisting. My two strand twists are usually a medium size and each quadrant of my hair has 5-7 twists. The more definition you desire, the smaller your twists should be. I like big fluffy hair so that’s why I chose this size.

P.S. if you’re unsure of how to twist, then Youtube is your best friend. Just search for “how to twist hair” and try not to get lost in the rabbit hole of videos. I try to find youtuber’s with a similar hair texture and length to mine.

Step 2

To stretch twists for maximum length/keep them out of your face while drying, pull back into low bun. Bobby pin any stragglers that may not be able to fit into your hair tie. My hair usually takes an entire day or two to dry because of how thick it is. If you know your hair takes a while to dry as well, don’t rush the process or attempt to take down your twists too soon.

Step 3

Once your hair has dried, it’s time to take out your twists. Coat your hands with a thin layer of your favorite hair oil and begin separating twists. You can separate each twist and then go through your hair and fluff, or you can fluff each twist as you go. I opt for the latter.

Sometimes I leave my hair as is after separating the strands but for optimal fluffiness, I go through with my pick. Pick at the roots versus dragging the pick down the entire shaft. That’s where you want your volume. Lastly, just keep picking and fluffing until your hair looks how you prefer

ET VOILA! Your fluffy twist out should be more than popping!

I loved my end results and believe it or not, at 28 I have a few gray hairs. This hair color provided 100% gray coverage AND I can honestly say I experienced less hair breakage. I washed my hair again week later and when detangling in the shower, I had minimal shed hairs, which shocked me. I can’t wait until it’s time to touch up my color.

It’s hard to sometimes see my new color unless I stand perfectly in the light, so here’s another look at the final color (RUBY NOIR).

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