Things To Do In Ostrava, Czech Republic – Day Trips from Ostrava

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I recently shared my list of things to do if you’re visiting Ostrava for the Colours of Ostrava Music Festival, but those things make more sense if you don’t have too much time to spare in between viewing your favorite musical artists and some new ones. If you’re visiting Ostrava for the hell of it and have entire days, or even half days to devote to explore nearby areas, then here’s a great list of things to do in Ostrava:


Located a short drive to the northwest of Ostrava, the historical city of Opava is well worth a visit even if you only have a few hours to get away from Ostrava. Opava is home to chateau’s, museums, and even aboretums and that just adds to its appeal. After immediately taking a walking tour of the main square, we went to the top of the town hall for a view of the area. Now that I think of it, City Hall viewing towers must be popular in this region as we did the same thing in Ostrava.

Opava makes my list of things to do in Ostrava because if Ostrava is a culture shock for you, you may enjoy Opava a little more. Aside from sightseeing and indulging in food (and beer, duh), I recommend heading over to Silver Lake. Here, we actually split up as a group. While many played disc golf, I and a couple guys decided we wanted to stand up paddle board. This was actually a bonus of our trip and one that I thoroughly enjoyed since the last time I was on a paddle-board was years prior.

Jeseniky Mountains

Located in Northern Moravia and Silesia, the Jeseniky Moutains are the second highest mountain range in the Czech Republic. One can make a day trip or a several day trip out of the Jeseniky Mountains as there is much to do and even more to explore. On our day trip, we hiked up the mountain to the TV tower with views that are sure to take your breath away. This TV tower doubles as a lookout, allowing you to catch an elevator to the top and get a panoramic view of everything that surrounds the mountains.

After our hike, we rode bicycle scooters down the same trail we took up. To keep you safe, their are designated time slots for riding down and cars are not allowed to drive up during that time. Helmets are provided and I recommend dressing in long pants and shirts just in case you fall and have an accident. I saw road rash on another group that visited and I was all too thankful that my group didn’t go through that, even though there were at least three occasions that I was sure I’d ride right off the side of the mountain.

While leaving our day on the mountain I noticed a ski lodge and ski lifts, so these mountains seem like a perfect trip for a ski getaway as well. If the Jeseniky Mountains are gorgeous when they’re green and lush, I’m sure they’ll look great covered in snow. Maybe take a trip to the Christmas markets in Prague after your time in Ostrava.

Radegast Brewery

It’s no secret that I love beer and when in Rome (or Czechia), I do as the Romans. When I travel, my adult beverage of choice is usually that which is local to the land. In Central or South America, it’s all about beer. In Italy, I drink wine. In Spain, sangria is my weapon of choice. So it’s no surprise that when in the country with the highest beer consumption in the world (a fact that they’re quite proud of) I was all for the beer, specifically Radegast.

My first and only brewery tour was years ago in Copenhagen, so I was unsure of what to expect this go round. Well, the Radegast Brewery was wildly different as we had more of a behind the scenes tour versus the self guided, museum-eque tour I had in Copenhagen. During our tour we got to see the brewing process from start to finish in addition to the packaging process. Another difference was the huge glasses of beer we enjoyed before and after the tour whereas in Copenhagen, a couple sample sized cups where included with the price of admission.

Technically owned by Asahi Breweries, and more directly, Pilser Urquell, Radegast is the most popular beer in all of Moravia. It was a sponsor and sold all through the Colours of Ostrava Music Festival, and I constantly bought it in Prague as well. If you’re particular about your beer, I recommend trying all Radegast varieties before writing it off. You just may find your new favorite.

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