My Backcountry Flying Experience in Whitefish, Montana

Backcountry Flying Experience Whitefish Montana

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While I very much plan to learn to pilot a plane, I never thought I’d be taking a quick trip in one just to see the sights below. And I definitely didn’t plan on doing any of that in Whitefish, Montana of all places. My flight with Backcountry Flying Experience was truly a once a lifetime experience and one of those unusual things to do in Montana that I recommend adding to your itinerary.

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The Pick Up

One may wonder where do you even meet up for this tour, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s not at the airport.

Because we were flying on a floating plane, the pilot landed right in the water and taxied over to the dock of The Lodge at Whitefish Lake to pick us up.

I was able to get a few photos of myself and our “private plane” for the evening before hopping in the backseat for takeoff.

I opted for the backseat as opposed to playing copilot because I wanted to be able to get photos and videos from both sides of the plane. The front seat can be a great position because you’ll have access to the windshield and the side window, but I wanted unobstructed views.

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The Flight

We slowly and seemingly floated to the other side of Whitefish Lake before picking up enough speed and momentum for takeoff. I believe both takeoff and landing were extremely smooth but I’m also not easily shaken or sensitive to turbulence.

Because the sun was just starting to set, the views of Whitefish Lake, the mountains, and even the properties below were magical.

Naturally our pilot was knowledgable about various areas and even knew who owned certain homes. It was interesting seeing how remote some homes were but I could only imagine how nice it’d be to (occasionally) live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Would I Do It Again?

I would absolutely do this again but because I feel that it’s such a special experience, I wouldn’t do it again for some time. I just want to live with this memory for now. However, I would definitely redo this tour or another with that special someone, as it’s a new memory that you both can share.

Backcountry Flying Experience also does charters, which can fly you to other areas you may be interested in, and even weddings and events! I’m positive you never imagined arriving at your wedding in a plane.

They also do trainings, which is something I’ve been interested in trying out for many years. Definitely check out their website for quotes and prices.

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My Backcountry Flying Experience in Whitefish Montana
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