Whitefish, Montana Restaurants That You Must Try

Spotted Bear Spirits

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Although I’m not a foodie, I definitely love to eat. I was surprised that during my recent trip to Whitefish I got to taste a plethora food that was not only delicious, but memorable! Whitefish has an extraordinary culinary scene for all to take advantage of, so don’t pass it up. I’ve rounded up all of the Whitefish, Montana restaurants that I ate at and have included a couple places for mouthwatering drinks as well.

The Boat Club at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake

The Boat Lodge at Whitefish Lake

As soon as I saw that the steak at this restaurant had its own section, I knew I had to order. And I NEVER order steak.

I opted for the petite filet mignon that came with asparagus and mashed potatoes and I think I definitely made the right decision. The steak was cooked to perfection and although the portion size had me worried I didn’t order enough, I was left happy and full.

We ordered a bottle of wine for the table and although in my video below I mentioned that I’d order a particular wine, we ended up going with a local red, and it did not disappoint.

The ambience of this restaurant is also a great reason to visit. Inside there was live music, which is always a nice touch, but we decided to sit outside. The setting sun, the perfect view of Whitefish Lake, and the freshly lit outdoor fire-pit really set the mood for an amazing dinner.


Casey's Whitefish

Casey’s is perfectly positioned in the heart of Downtown Whitefish. It’s a pub and grill, which is actually one of my favorite types of restaurants to eat at. Because I was surprised at some of the menu options, I decided not to get something cliche like a burger or buffalo wings, even though it was tempting.

For my beverage I ordered a hot toddy of all concoctions, and for my meal I got the Thai lettuce wraps and parmesan fries. Parmesan fries were on almost every menu I looked at during my time in Whitefish and they’re delicious, so it became tradition to get at least one order for the table.

An added bonus is that in the warmer months, Casey’s has a rooftop (Sky Bar) and second level. They can be reserved for special events or private parties as well.

Latitude 48

This restaurant definitely gave me date night vibes. It was also so packed with people that we actually waited outside, so clearly they’re doing something right.

Before being seated I enjoyed a glass of wine downstairs which is a perfect place to start or end your meal. I also wouldn’t be surprised if people patronize Latitude 48 just to have a drink or two.

The menu is filled with bites, plates to share like chili coconut caramel pork wings, and even wood fired pizza. If my memory serves me correctly, I didn’t have much of an appetite on this particular night so I just opted for the tagliatelle.

There are so many different types of cuisine on the menu that I’m sure no matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a dish for you here.

Loula’s Café

Before I tell you about the food, let me just say, try the pie! I’m not a pie person but heard people brag about the pie at Loula’s Café so I assume it’s memorable.

I visited Loula’s for breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. It’s also my favorite type of food.

I ordered the two eggs any style meal that comes with a side of meat and got a pancake as well. I know that only one pancake comes with an order but know that it’s bigger than your head and that you probably won’t even eat the whole thing.

Everything was delicious and if I didn’t clean my plate, it’s because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. A lady has to have a little class every now and then.

Café Kandahar

Cafe Kandahar

As far as Whitefish, Montana restaurants go, I have to say that Café Kandahar is a must visit. As in, if you don’t visit any of these places, please take the time out to visit Café Kandahar.

According to their website, “Cafe Kandahar has distinguished itself as the premiere dining destination in Northwest Montana. Be prepared for an unparalleled dining experience, located inside Kandahar Lodge at Whitefish Mountain Resort.” Because I plan to write a separate post about them all I’ll say to that is, I agree.

Montana Coffee Traders

I’m not a coffee fiend, so I would normally avoid any place with coffee in the name. However, Montana Coffee Traders is so much more than coffee and I’m glad I got to try their other goods.

During the days where I was out in the middle of nowhere hiking or rock climbing, MCT is what kept me fueled. Their delicious wraps and snacks were perfect for on the go but there’s ample space to sit in and enjoy any food from the menu as well.

Also, my fellow tea lovers, you can grab a cup of tea here instead of coffee.

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Wasabi Sushi Bar

I actually didn’t have time to visit Wasabi Sushi Bar but it was a place that was constantly recommended to me, so I wanted to include it in this list.

Wasabi offers classical dishes like shumai, seaweed salad, nigiri, and sashimi, but they also have some dishes on the menu that stand out to me. The Cadillac Crab Cakes (2 pan-fried dungeness crab cakes, sweet plum ketchup) and Smoked Squid Salad definitely pique my interest. I know I’ll be stopping by during my next trip to Whitefish.

Spotted Bear Spirits

Spotted Bear Spirits

Spotted Bear Spirits is the perfect place to go and have a drink with your friends, your significant other, or alone. If you love distinctive, craft cocktails, you’ll want to visit this establishment for a drink or three.

Their website boasts that their menu “reflects Glacier Country’s seasonal offerings” and that was definitely obvious. I’m always a fan of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and that was a major theme during my visit to the area.

We sat on the second level and had a view of the distillery. Knowing that ingredients from my cocktail were made on site seemed to make the experience even better.

I highly recommend the limoncello. The only time I’ve ever had it is on the Amalfi Coast and I can honestly say, it’s better in Montana.

Great Northern Brewing Company

The Great Northern Brewing Company

I barely had enough time at Great Northern Brewing Company to finish my beer flight but I loved every sip.

Obviously this is the place to be if you love beer like I do, or if you simply want to hunt for the kind you may like. I highly recommend ordering a beer flight so that you can get the best of five worlds.

I love that there are beers that are in rotation and not available all year round in addition to flagships.

My favorites included the Wild Huckleberry Lager and a sour ale that I can’t quite remember the name of. I’m sure if you ask they can point you in the right direction.

Bonsai Brewing Project

Bonsai Brewing Project is another place that was on my list of places to go but there just wasn’t enough time. They’ve labelled themselves as a “small, independently owned craft brewery” and I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews about them.

Besides, it’s always nice to support small, local businesses!

Whitefish, Montana Restaurants

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