Europe Itinerary – 2 Weeks

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My “eurotrip” was definitely one for the books. Keep in mind that it was pre-BRexit so yes, London was a part of the journey. Like Adele’s 25 was the soundtrack of my San Franciscan solo adventure, Lemonade by Beyonce was the soundtrack to this one. Now I can’t hear tracks such a Sorry or Hold Up without thinking of traipsing up and down Oxford Street. But that’s neither here nor there. In my usual Sample Itinerary fashion, here’s the official Eurotrip video, cost break downs, and some things you could do if you have 2 weeks in Europe.



$441 from JFK to LDN with the option for a stopover in Iceland. Iceland Air allows for stopovers of up to 7 days. Flight from London to Copenhagen – $15. Flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam – $111. *Overnight Megabus from Amsterdam and back to London – roughly $20. When choosing your itinerary you may want to stick with countries where flights are all under $50. That’d be my next eurotrip goal.


London – 2 nights at hostel – $81 and for last day return – $33 (* I hated the hostel so much I booked an airbnb for the night I returned instead, losing out on my last nights refund and spending about $40). Copenhagen – $93 for 2 night hostel stay. Amsterdam – $109 for 2 nights hostel stay (* If you read my Amsterdam post, you’ll see that I only needed one night there). Iceland – $209 for 3 night airbnb stay (*The airbnb was run like a hostel but I had my own room and definitely enjoyed it. I don’t think strangers share rooms either).


I literally walked everywhere in every country except for when it came to getting to/from the airport. That’s when I caught trains and busses. Iceland was the priciest with charging well over $30 for transportation from Keflavik airport to downtown Reykjavik, one way. London was pretty pricey with train fairs costing over $20 one way and Copenhagen and Amsterdam were the cheapest, but still pricey compared to cities I’ve lived such as New York and Washington, DC.


Food: My goodness gracious I don’t even want to try to guesstimate how much I spent on food during this trip. Why did no one tell me I was visiting four of the most expensive countries on earth? Damnit. Even with my euro diet of croissants and tea in the mornings, that still was liable to run me almost $10 and even more (Iceland). Keep in mind that in most European countries, you’ll pay a surcharge to eat in. I thought it was absurd but hey, there must be a reason. Luckily I ate out for only 1-2 actual meals a day. Getting a late start usually means breakfast is lunch. And a late lunch usually means no dinner because I’m still full. It was a win win but the $20+ price tag for the simplest means (i.e. fish n’ chips) still haunts me to this day.

Days 1-4 | London

Big Ben

I recently overheard someone saying that you can see any city in three days. It’s been my motto ever since. I honestly believe you don’t need more time than that but extra days are always a luxury. If I had a week in one place I’d do an activity every other day versus every day. That extra time can be for relaxing or just exploring to take in the scenery. When it comes to London, which surprisingly made it to my favorite city list, there’s more than enough to see and fill up time with.

Staying in the Kings Cross area meant that most neighborhoods were walkable by my standards, however I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone else unless you love to walk. You may want to use your first day to rest and battle any jet leg. If this is the case I recommend exploring your neighborhood. Day 2 would be perfect for a hop on/hop off bus tour. This way you can check out the various neighborhoods all around the city and keep an eye on the one packed with things you love. Spend the remaining days revisiting these places and finding gems that are only accessible on foot. I hate being stuck in a car and not realizing the amazing places and restaurants I’m passing.

Days 4-7 | Copenhagen

Copenhagen Street

As soon as I got to my hostel, I set my things down, charged my phone, and headed back out. I was super excited to explore Copenhagen and luckily I met some girls on the plane who invited me to hang out with them. During your few days in Copenhagen you have to 1. visit Christiania, 2. visit Carlsberg Brewery, 3. take a canal and/or bus tour, and 4. roam the canals on foot for the hell of it. Have a croissant and passionfruit iced tea/lemonade at a sidewalk cafe for me.

Days 7-10 | Amsterdam


I recommend getting to Amsterdam early and leaving late because this is one hell of a city that I didn’t have enough time in. It’s absolutely stunning and I had no clue how breathtaking it would truly be. As soon as I stepped out of the train station I was in awe. Once you arrive, even if you’re starving, hold off on eating. Mosey on over to a coffee shop instead and order up some ganja and wait for the munchies to kick in. There’s no sense in eating twice, unless you’re like me and have an unhealthy relationship with food. In that case, stuff your face, my love. Be sure to spend a day in line and the historic Anne Frank house, lol. I’m sure it’s worth the wait but the way my itinerary was set up… Roam the canals. Trickle in and out of “coffee chops” trying different strains of weed. Take a canal tour here as well.

Days 10-14 | Iceland

Thankfully there's staff stationed around the lagoon to take amazing pictures for guests. Perfect for a solo traveler like me.

Plan your Iceland itinerary very wisely as getting from place to place can be extremely pricey. Some people opt to visit the Blue Lagoon when coming or leaving due to the Lagoon’s proximity to the airport, but I recommend splurging and spending a full day at the lagoon complete with a meal at one of the restaurants on the premises. On another day you may want to do a Northern Light’s tour (only during winter months) or take a tour of the Golden Circle. For the latter I recommend renting a car and exploring on your own. This way you can go at your own pace and travel off the beaten path. If you don’t want to put any work into it, book the tour with a company. It’s up to you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my European Sample Itinerary. Be sure to check out the entire trip here. Drop any questions or comments below.

Europe Itinerary 2 Weeks

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