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I didn’t tell anyone I was sneaking off to Orlando for a weekend conference simply because it was a last minute trip booked the week prior. And who even cares that I went? Here’s a recap from Blogger/Photographer Nonee Ngazimbi. I like to think she blogged about it for all of us who didn’t.

I met a slew of super dope women and one of them happened to be Kalilah Wright, the beauty and creative brains behind Mess In A Bottle. I had noticed her catchy tees (here’s my absolute fav) on some conference goers the night before and immediately inquired about the designer. Lucky for me, she gifted me her very last tee of the weekend that’s one of my daily mantra’s…here’s the other.

I paired the simple, yet BOLD, tee with a bright pink, silk skirt that a friend thrifted and gifted me years prior. I’d only ever worn it in Paris, ooh la la. Thankfully it still fit! I thought pink and black & white would go great together, and since I have very limited shoe options with me being a borderline minimalist and all, I threw on my Anthropologie purple velvet slides that I paired with my H&M Blush dress.

I actually can’t wait to wear this tee again and continue to dress it up and down. The MESSAGE: Be Who Eva The Hell You Wanna Be Today.


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    1. Haha! You’d hate it. I’m in and out of a store so quickly because I speed walk through glancing at everything. If nothing grabs my attention I’m out of there so as not to spend unnecessary money.

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