99 The Gallery Hotel – Chiang Mai, Thailand

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If you read my Chiang Mai post, then you saw me say that I don’t remember the last time I stayed in a hotel. I honestly can’t remember the last time I sought out a hotel during my travels, but I figured that if I’m going to do it anywhere, it should be Thailand.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against hotels, but when you’re a solo traveler it’s easier to stay somewhere with a host or to be in a home in the center of where you want to be. It’s also easier on the pockets since I don’t have anyone to split the costs with.

While in Thailand I decided to treat myself to hotels and purposely booked ones that were right in the heart of all the action. It probably would’ve been inconvenient had I booked an airbnb or a similar accommodation.

chiang mai 99 the gallery hotel

After eyeballing hotels for months I finally decided on 99 The Gallery Hotel for my Chiang Mai stay. I love a boutique hotel and not only was this one gorgeous and still small enough to cater to my needs, but it was right in the heart of the Old City. The included daily breakfast and short ride to/from the airport didn’t hurt either.

99 the gallery hotel chiang mai

As I mentioned, this hotel was right on the other side of the same block as the night market – the one thing you need to do when visiting Chiang Mai! Using this hotel as the starting point for any and all daily shenanigans was perfect and it was always easy to make my way back to home base. Even if I had gotten lost, I’m quite confident that any local would have been able to point me in the right direction. All of my drivers knew exactly where to go.

bathroom 99 the gallery hotel

The welcome drink, the super friendly and helpful staff, and the gorgeous accommodations will forever be ingrained in my memory when I think of Chiang Mai. I actually can’t wait to visit Chiang Mai again and I especially can’t wait to stay here for the second time. patio 99 the gallery hotel

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