Milan: Residenza Delle Città

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I was in an out of Milan in the blink of an eye, but I still wanted to lay my head somewhere luxurious and convenient. I also didn’t want the complete hotel feel, so Residenza Delle Citta allowed me to have a place that was more like a studio. It was perfect. If only I could’ve actually lived there.

Because the airport is a little was a ways away from Milano Centrale, the trains and busses were my best bet to/from the airport. And because I’d need to fly out earlier than usual, I wanted to stay somewhere that was within walking distance to the train station.

After getting some work done due to a deadline smack dab in the middle of my vacation, I set out on foot to walk to the Duomo and grab some shots, seeing as how it’d was over 2.5 years since I’d traipsed the roof of that majestic place. That’s another thing I looked for when choosing accommodations. 1. How close was it to the Duomo and 2. How long would it take to walk there.

I literally took two, maybe three photos before I was wondering how quickly I could get back to Residenza Delle Citta to pop open the bottle of wine I was gifted. I was feigning for asian food and surprisingly tired of pasta, so I found a Japanese spot for sushi and some chili beef. I grabbed it and ran back to my room for a night of relaxation and netflix.

Residenza Delle Città

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