Room Mate Isabella – Florence, Italy

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Firenze was magical for many reasons, but can we get a slow clap started for Room Mate Isabella? I seriously had to pinch myself before arriving at the hotel because during my short walk from the train station, I spotted the Duomo Di Firenze. The friggin’ Duomo! And I was just minutes from the hotel. Score!

Upon arrival I was tempted to double check that I was in the right place. I was smack dab in what I can only describe as the NYC equivalent to 5th Avenue. Gucci, Prada, Celine, you name it and it was on this block. Thank goodness I never shop while on vacation, otherwise I would’ve been in trouble.

Ascending the steps to the check-in desk left me wondering what was in store aesthetically as far as my room was concerned. The hallway walls were adorned with art and vintage mirrors that gave an old school, regal feel to the hotel. It was magnificent and looked like “old money,” if that makes sense. I specifically chose this hotel because it’s decor was so unique and just plain gorgeous. Had I not decided to roam the streets of Firenze in my spare time it would’ve made for the perfect place to hang out and commence with a photo shoot or three.

During check-in I was handed a map that marked off all major landmarks, all within a five minute walk from the hotel. It’s safe to say that I pretty much just ran up to drop my bags off before running out to explore. But not before I got a few shots of my STUNNING room. The bed looked as if it were a velvet blue chaise lounge, only it had a mattress. The walls were lined with beautiful yellow wallpaper that I must have in my house, whenever I get around to buying one. The hardwood floors and window overlooking the busy street were just an added bonus. I could stand there and people watch for hours. I actually did throw the windows open a few times to check out what was going on down below.

Room Mate Isabella was a perfect experience and I truly can’t wait to visit them again. Sometimes you pay to be in the heart of everything, but sacrifice the luxuries. This hotel had me feeling like I was a billionaire and it was beyond affordable for me.

room mate Isabella

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