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I like to think that I waited 27 entire years for a lovely woman named Rung to bend and twist my body in every which way imaginable. I’m a strong believer in fate, and I was destined to have my very first massage ever at the majestic Fah Lanna Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand. That may sound a bit dramatic, but there was nothing average or mediocre about this spa experience.

entrance to fah lanna spa

fah lanna spa chiang mai

ginger tea fah lanna

On my last day in Chiang Mai I was able to get a super last minute appointment at Fah Lanna. Even though the Thailand tourism high season is on the horizon, I always recommend booking in advance.

fah lanna

Upon arrival I was presented with a welcome drink before being given an information card to fill out prior to my massage. It asked about things such as areas I’d like to focus on during the massage and even got as detailed as asking about certain skin disorders. Questions such as those are important because a masseuse could easily hurt a problem area even further, or apply ingredients that you may be allergic to. Better safe than sorry. I was impressed by Fah Lanna’s attention to detail.

decor fah lanna

bath fah lanna

decorations fah lanna

Speaking of detail, during my tour of the grounds I saw how much work was put into the ambiance and aesthetics of the spa. Even if I weren’t getting a massage, I could easily see myself just visiting for the atmosphere and having about a dozen cups of their homemade ginger tea that’s brewed right in the lobby with the freshest ingredients. There’s also a cafe on the grounds if you do actually just want to stop by.

fah lanna spa decor

shower fah lanna spa

massage mats fah lanna spa

As Manat, the Spa Manager, walked me around Fah Lanna, I got to check out all of the rooms where the different signature treatments from the menu are performed. Every single room was unique in its own way. They all are named after different cities and modeled with traditional pieces from those areas. Can you guess which city the room filled with handcrafted umbrellas is modeled after? Fah Lanna supports local artisans and crafters not only by using their pieces, but it brings attention to them. Using fabrics and designs from one area may inspire a patron to visit and even further, they too may purchase the local goods.

decorations fah lanna spa

flower pots fah lanna

fah lanna chiang mai

When we finally made it to my room for my massage I was blown away by everything from the decor to the scent of the room. If Fah Lanna did nothing else, it appealed to my senses. Everything smelled heavenly and because I purposely chose a traditional Thai massage, the Thai Herbal Ball Massage, I got a double dose of the smell goods. This ball is a cloth that’s filled with different herbs, heated, and then pressed onto the body. While it gave off a lovely scent and felt good, it also has plenty of health benefits thanks to the herbs used in it. The heat of the herbal ball helps to warm and relax the muscles in addition to opening up the pores for the herbs to be absorbed.

fah lanna massage room

tub fah lanna spa

fah lanna spa sauna

After Rung, my lovely masseuse, washed my feet and applied a gentle scrub, she prompted me to hop up on the table so that she could do her job. Before she got to the herbal ball portion of the massage, she worked me out with her hands, and boy do I mean it. When she wasn’t working out kinks in my neck, she was on my back swinging me from side to side and cracking bones I didn’t know were there. It’s as crazy as it sounds but I needed it badly and it was so worth it. You obviously have a say in how much pressure is used during your massage and you can change your mind at any time.

fah lanna spa decorations chiang mai  insect repellent fah lanna spa

Once my massage was done (I swear I didn’t want to leave) I was able to have a slice of cake and that ginger tea I raved about earlier. Because I was already late to the airport I didn’t have much time to enjoy it and had to rush off to my next city. Lucky for me, Fah Lanna offers pick up/drop off services, so I was able to catch my flight just in time and with no problems.

herbs fah lanna

bathtub fah lanna spa

foot scrub fah lanna

A huge thank you to Manat and the entire Fah Lanna team for making my last day in Chiang Mai the most memorable. I literally can’t wait to visit again. Next time I’ll be booking the four hour Fah Lanna exotic package. You should too!

thai herbal ball massage fah lanna spa

massage fah lanna spa

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