Day Trip to the Hamptons with Zipcar

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If I had to choose a major city to live in in the U.S., New York comes in at a strong second. Having said that, I often find myself wanting to get away, without much time to do so. And even if it was a good day in the city, the Hamptons are always on my list of things to do for the day, or weekend. Now even when I had a car (I was too eager to give it up because I never utilized it) I would randomly head to the Hamptons for a day or a weekend, but now it’s seems almost impossible without having to trek to the public transportation that would actually get me there. Thanks to Zipcar, my trip was all too easy and on my own time.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that people use Zipcar to run quick errands, or when it’s absolutely necessary like having to move furniture and that pickup truck on the corner is the perfect size, but did you ever think about using it for travel? Depending on how far your destination is, your day trip could take 6 hours or you may want to reserve the car for the entire day like it did.

I headed out east bright and early because even though Brooklyn is technically an extension of Long Island, it can take more than a few hours to actually make it to the Hamptons. Not only is everyone and their literal mother trying to make it there as well, but that whole one road in, one road out situation is a bummer. Had I been trying to head all the way out east, I probably would’ve been driving for 3+ hours, but luckily my trip was only about two.

Where was I going? My favorite vineyard ever. What happened when I pulled up? I was alerted that there was a wedding going on and the venue was closed to the public. *Insert all of the eye rolls right here.* I headed to a nearby Starbucks to sit down and come up with a game plan. Before finding a new vineyard (there are plenty) in the area I simply got some work done while nom’ing on a bagel and sipping some tea prior to heading to lunch on one of the main roads of Bridgehampton. Fortunately (but not really) a gentleman came over to literally talk my ear off and recommend some things to do in the area. He showed me around the area a bit, pointed out some great places to eat, and gave me the scoop on about three different art galleries. They each had very different art but were gorgeous and the perfect place to just sit around and check out the work of some amazing artists. So I did.

After all of that, I finally was able to head off to a vineyard and get my wine on. I bought a flight of red, white, and shockingly orange, wines and got comfy. My personal connoisseur that poured me glass after glass was super knowledgable and friendly while I pretty much just downed the wine and held out my glass for the next. I wish I was able to go to my old faithful vinery, but this winery was a solid second choice, so I was quite pleased. Afterwards I headed to the beach to people watch a bit before heading back home to Brooklyn. It was so foggy that my hair was damp by the time I left, but that made it that much more like a dream versus the hustle and bustle reality of busy, grimy, New York City. I returned my Zipcar safe and sound and walked over a block to my home.

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