Chanalai Hillside Resort – Phuket, Thailand

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Would you believe me if I said I booked this hotel specifically for the deep soak tub? Sure, it was nice being within walking distance to the beach. Two pools? Count me in. Restaurant on the premises? Hell yeah! I’m in there. However, Chanalai Hillside Resort was only on my radar because I’d bought a bath bomb in Montreal and was determined to finally use it in Thailand, especially since I wouldn’t have to clean the tie-dyed mess myself. I needed at least one of my accommodations to give me tub access and this was it. Plus it was gorgeous, which is always a plus.

chanalai hillside resort phuket

While I just knew I’d be lying at the pool or beach, drink in hand, I never made it. Not once did I actually lay out at Karon Beach or at one of the two pools at the hotel. I simply didn’t have time, and when I did, I was day sleeping. I’ve only just gotten back to a normal sleeping pattern *knock on wood*.

So, it’s safe to say I spent the majority of my time in this gorgeous room. I was surprised that I utilized the balcony so much as it is usually a forgotten luxury. I got work done, people watched those in the pool, and simply warmed up when the room got too cold.

The bathroom was another favorite feature. I distinctly remember walking into it and saying out loud, “why is this so fancy?” I was in love with the waterfall shower and unfortunately, I never got around to using the tub. Blame my obsession with the thought that it was full of germs. Don’t, worry, I’m working on my issues.

shower at chanalai hillside resort

While I don’t see myself ever returning to Phuket, if I did, I would definitely stay at this resort again. The convenience to the beach and restaurant strip is reason enough to return. While I found it touristy, it was far less touristy than Patong beach, which is just a short drive away. I definitely give Chanalai Hillside two thumbs up.

tub at chanalai hillside resort


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