Cheap Car Rentals & How to Find Them Using One Website

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Since writing about car rentals in Los Angeles I had the thought of sharing my go to website for getting the best rates on car rentals. Before you even wonder, no, this post is NOT sponsored. I use just one website to find cheap car rentals and they haven’t failed me yet. Since I’ve discovered them I actually haven’t booked a rental through any other platform, and I like to think that’s saying a lot.

My #1 Site for Cheap Car Rentals

Autoslash is a website that came recommended to me right before I decided I was going to leave NYC and needed to move all of my worldly possessions back to DC. I just needed a car for one day but the kicker was that I wasn’t returning it to the originating location. Now, I’ve rented a car in Las Vegas and dropped it off in Los Angeles days later, and I remember the rental price increasing over $100 for that reason. However, for this trip from NYC to DC I paid about $27. That’s unlimited miles on top of leaving the car in a different state. Here’s how:

Step 1

Autoslash is my go to place for cheap car rentals because they’re simple and straight to the point. They offer you two options: 1. Get a quote for a car rental, and 2. Track a rental for price drops. You start with getting your quote by entering information such as where you’d like to pick up your rental, the dates you need it for, the type of vehicle you’d like (IF you have a preference), any memberships you may have with particular car rental agencies, and finally your email address so that they can send over the best rates. It’s that simple.

Once you provide the aforementioned information, Autoslash does all of the work for you. They compare rates for all of the car rental agencies and email you a list of the best rates for cheap car rentals. I always see many of the same agencies such as Hertz, Fox, and Budget, although sometimes there’s a new agency I’ve never heard of.

The best thing about Autoslash is that you never book directly with them. I’ve always ended up booking through which initially made me feel better because I hadn’t heard of Autoslash and didn’t know if I’d want to give them my credit card information. And on top of all of that, I only ever book the car rentals that have free cancellation. So sometimes I’ve ended up paying a few dollars more for my cheap car rentals just to have the peace of mind that if I want to cancel the booking, I won’t be charged.

Step 2

After you’ve booked you rental at the lowest price available, now it’s time to track it. You need to go back to autoslash to put in your booking information and the price of the booking so they’ll know what price they need to beat. This is how my NYC-DC car rental went from over $100, to $73, to $56, and eventually to $27.

Another time I used Autoslash was for a brief trip to Los Angeles. I don’t remember how much the price went down, but I know that in the end I paid $57 for a four day rental. $40 of that price was taxes and fees, so yes, my daily rate was $4. You seriously can’t beat that.

Keep in mind that you may not get follow up emails because the price you booked was actually the cheapest. This rarely happens to me personally, but it does happen. There are also times where I’ll see I’ve missed an email that contained a lower price and when I go to book, that price is no longer available. Now that hurts.

Let me know what’s your go to site for booking cheap car rentals. I’m curious to see what everyone else is using.

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