What To Pack: Women’s Travel Clothes for Europe

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Having spent the last three months in Europe, I thought it apropos to spread the word about not only the weather, but what to pack for a trip there. Spoiler alert: IT’S HOT AS HELL. All of Europe seems to be going through a heat wave and that includes Central and Eastern Europe as well. So when you google “women’s travel clothes for Europe” you may find out that the items on your packing list are more suitable for Winter than Fall. That’s why I’ve come up with this list of chic items for you to take with you on your next trip to Europe.

Because this list hits both high and low price points, I wanted to recommend an awesome site to check out before hitting “purchase” on your luxury goods. My Luxe Fit is the go to place for getting real reviews from real people on the fit of designer clothing. One designers size 6 may be a size 2 to another, and these are things we need to know before getting our package only to find out that we need to return pretty much everything. I want to stress that My Luxe Fit is a FREE tool and not a store or subscription based. They’re there to simply help women like us find clothes that fit and it comes in handy when some actual designers carry only three sizes that will fit a range of women. Thank me later.



Basic Tees

My uniform is a white V-Neck tee and cropped denim jeans. That’s it. So when thinking of women’s travel clothes for Europe, the first thing I think of is basic tees, preferably white. While Europeans are known for setting fashion trends, they’re usually simple and not too over the top. Besides, you can get fancy with the rest of your outfit. Now I’m known for buying a 4 pack of men’s Hanes tees, but you can definitely spend a little more and hope that you’ll get more of a bang for your buck. This Levi’s v-neck is a great option.

Button Downs

While I’m addicted to a crisp, white button down I have to admit that pin stripped blouses have become my new thing. I’ll sometimes pack two very similar tops just because I can’t get enough. While you could definitely dress these tops up, I love dressing them down with a trendy pair of jeans and sneakers. Here’s a top that isn’t necessarily a button down, but will give the same affect.


Now most people love to get a little fancy while on vacation. As a long term traveler, I have to be realistic about how often I’ll get spruced up because if it’s once or twice, I don’t need an item taking up space in my three months worth of luggage. However, if you want all eyes on you one evening, lightweight ruffled tops such as this one from Self Portrait are sure to do the trick. Pair it with leather trousers or even a simple pair of black denim jeans and you’re good to go.



All you need is a pair of Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Linen Trousers

I can’t get enough of any pair of linen, paper bag waist trousers. Whether they be shorts, cropped, or full length pants, I love them. Stella McCartney has a cute skirt version that I’m currently obsessed with. This is the perfect item to pair with that simple, white V-neck I mentioned earlier and either some flat sandals or a pair of sneakers. Here’s a cute and more affordable pair of shorts from TopShop.

Flowy Skirt

I used to be a part of the flowy skirt and dress gang but they haven’t made sense during my recent travels since I’m gone for months at a time. However, if you want that perfect Eiffel Tower or Coliseum shot with you twirling into the horizon, you need one. I’m also loving flowy pants that mimic skirts, so here’s a great option from Rebecca Taylor.


Dresses are self explanatory and when I pack them they tend to be on the dressier side. Think of this Parker dress. As you can see from above, I have no problem throwing on a pair of sneakers with a dress but they’re a great outfit that doesn’t take too much effort. You don’t need to wrack your brain trying to match two pieces as a dress is an all in one outfit. When it’s long sleeved it’s perfect for fall but if it’s also lightweight, it’s great for the summer, especially those cooler days.


Denim Jacket

I have been to Europe many a time during winter and equipped with only a denim jacket. Sometimes it’s simply not that cold. A traditional denim jacket from Gap or somewhere similar will never steer you wrong. I also love to dress them up or down as they’re truly a universal item.

Trench Coat

I can’t think of a trench coat and the classic Burberry trench not pop into my mind. I’m obsessed but even I can’t afford to spend a couple thousand on a trench coat. At least not yet. Places like Nordstrom’s and even Zara have great alternatives to fit any budget. A good trench is perfect for places like London, or Britain overall, where it rains more often than not.

Lightweight Winter Jacket

I have a winter coat that I specifically boat for New York winters. It does the trick and gets me nice and toasty, but also folds down and can be stored away for all the months where I won’t even need to look at it. I recommend one of these jackets when packing women’s travel clothes for Europe because you may not even need it, especially in fall. However, I do believe there’ll be that country or two that defies all odds and it’ll drop to almost freezing temperatures during fall. I’m looking at you Northern Europe. L. L. Bean’s packaway jacket’s are thin enough to pack in your luggage or backpack but efficient enough to keep you warm.


Italian Dirt Sneakers

This pair of sneakers is usually all white or cream and they look a little too lived in if you know what I mean. I recently heard a fashion blogger refer to them as “Italian dirt sneakers” and it all clicked. It literally looks as though the owners bury them in dirt for X amount of time and then dig them up to wear them. We’ve seen these shoes in the form of Stan Smith Adidas although there are a few pair people fall in love with. These are perfect for your European travels because you’ll not only look chic, but they’re comfy for walking around and you won’t care about getting them dirty because well, that’s the point. I have the Adidas Advantage Sneakers shown below.

 Comfortable Heels

Because it may be cool but not freezing, I recommend sandal heels. I love the simple, suede block heeled sandals that have hit the scene in recent years. So much so that I copped myself a tan pair that I’ve yet to wear. I’m sure they’ll come in handy though. These heels are great because they’re usually extremely comfortable depending on the brand you invest in.


Sandals to me means my lived in Birkenstocks. I dress these babies up and down because I walk a lot and I’m more about comfort than looking good. However, a good pair of gladiator or simple strapped, flat sandals will do. Think classic brown leather from Madewell or something similar. It helps if it fits into your color palette of packed clothes. If you packed mostly black and white, take a pair of black sandals. If you packed mostly neutrals and browns, grab your brown leather sandals and go.

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