3 Days in Paris

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I’ll say it until you’re absolutely tired of hearing it… Paris is my absolute favorite city on earth. So much so you’d think I’ve spent at least a few months there. That hasn’t happened…yet. Even if you have just 3 days in Paris, there’s plenty for you to do and see.

Although I think Paris is splendid all year round, I notice that people tend to visit during the winter months. This could be because the city of light is also the city of never ending beauty, but it could also because flights are pretty damn cheap right now, at least compared to the spring and summer months. With vacation running low I also noticed that people are spending just a few days here and there because they don’t have much time to take off of work. Other times, Paris is just a stopover to their next country. Either way, I got ya covered.

I try not to activity myself to death, so if I do choose activities, I tend to stick to one a day. Because those activities usually last a few hours, I feel like they take up a good chunk of my day while still giving me time to relax and roam around, which you should know by now is my favorite thing to do. Here’s how I’d spend 24, 48, or 72 hours in Paris.

24 Hours in Paris

If you’re coming from the east coast then you more than likely took an overnight flight and will arrive in Paris in the morning. Head to your hotel, hostel, or airbnb and shower or grab a quick snooze before heading out. I usually wander aimlessly even if there are sights I’d like to see. For instance, I ended up at the Arc De Triomphe accidentally because I was walking around the area and spotted it, not because I had my heart set on seeing it. I highly recommend using this time to explore your surroundings.

Next up, that one activity I told you you should plan before anything else in a new city. Two words: food tour. This is the perfect way to find out what Parisians eat, try out a bit of everything, and get a history of the city all in just a few hours. It’s also a great way to meet others and pick your tour guides brain for suggestions as far as where else to eat and find out some things you must see.

48 Hours in Paris

I was born and raised in Washington, DC (the land of the free museum) and now reside in New York City (the land of the free museum day). It could just be me, but boy oh boy do I love a good museum. So much so that when I visit other countries I seek them out. You know where I’m heading with this. After waking up and treating yourself to a croissant and tea or coffee at the bakery on the corner, take your butt to the Louvre to marvel at the timeless masterpieces. A good painting or sculpture will always take me to my happy place. TIP: Many people don’t know OR know, but forget, that the Louvre has a secret entrance. If you’re an uber dork like me, you may or may not have even read about it in a certain Dan Brown novel. Skip the lines, especially during peak tourist season, and breeze right into one of the most famous museums on earth with little to no waiting.

After getting lost for a few hours in a museum (any of your choosing), I’d mosey on over to the Eiffel Tower. On a good day you can get a good shot of yourself or the tower herself without someone photobombing or capturing their photoshoot. This area is always  lively and there are plenty of good, albeit expensive, eats around the area. There’s always shopping, entertainment and excitement within a block radius of the tower.

72 Hours in Paris

3 days in Paris

Who knew that Versailles was it’s own friggin’ city? Not me. Imagine my surprise when told to catch a train TO Versailles and it being an actual place outside of Paris. If you have a full day to do whatever you want while in Paris, then I’ll always recommend a train ride to another city. I recommend Versailles because it’s super close and an entirely different vibe. So much so that you’ll feel like you actually had the chance to get away. Oh, and the kicker is that gorgeous palace that awaits you. I can’t wait to visit in the spring so I can finally get a taste of the gardens in bloom, but a tour of the palace in winter is set to arm your bones and create envy. I’d love for my room to be draped in the finest materials and all of my decor to be made from gold. You wouldn’t get me to leave home. Ah, one day.

Even if your trip to Paris is brief, you can still have a great time and loads of fun. Choose any of the activities for each day and do them or your own time. It’s all up to you. While I hate being a tourist, I feel like these places are a must see when visiting this city. Always find ways to trail from the beaten path, but don’t forget to check out what makes this city so amazing!

I have a few other suggestions up my sleeve that I can privately recommend, but I’ll save talking about them for when I’m finally back home (in Paris), where my heart is.

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  1. It’s great to know that you can do an overnight flight from NYC to Paris. I always feel like I need a week to enjoy a destination which makes it less likely that I will actually go.I could definitely do a weekend away in Paris.

  2. Love these tips! I have my food tour booked for tomorrow and plan to hit the Louvre afterwards. Totally agree about wandering aimlessly. That’s how I came upon the Louvre at sunset tonight! This city is beautiful.

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