how to travel on as little as 500

This e-book has truly been a long time coming, but I’m so glad I can finally share it with you. One common reason people usually give me for not traveling, or not traveling more, is the lack of money. What that usually translates into is not knowing how to budget and save for travel.

In this e-book I share each step I’ve used, and sometimes still use, to be able to travel, often times for less than $500. That’s just a number I throw around as most of my travels fall in that price range, but if you can travel for $500 with ease, then set your number to $1,000, or even $1,500.

love lock bridge paris

Traveling is one of the things in this world that brings me absolute joy, and I want to be able to share that joy with you. I don’t want you to continue thinking that something so easily accessible is unattainable. Yes, traveling is a privilege, but it’s a privilege you have the right to.

Budgeting, Cheap Flights, Accommodations, and Manifestation (yes, manifestation) are just a few topics I touch on and when done right, will have you on that flight to that country you thought was just a dream. I’ve been realizing that my dreams are usually things that I can make happen and come true today. Not decades from now.

Costa Rica

With this e-book I hope that you can utilize all the tips and tricks I provide to begin traveling and/or traveling more. Travel as far as you can, for as long as you can. Just a couple weeks ago you were vowing to leave the country, remember? Well, now you can.