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What we don’t need to discuss is how long ago I heard about an amazing sale at Zara (what’s new?) and how many times I’d made special trips to a store, only to leave empty handed.

When I buy something, it has to be bomb dot com. It has to POP and I need to envision myself wearing it time and time again. Not everything has to be a statement piece. Even if it’s a plain white tee, I should wear this tee out and get more than my monies worth.

Fast forward to the day I left the gym and was making a trip to another store, but figured I’d stop in Zara first. It was high time I transition some pieces from my wardrobe and more importantly, get rid of all the things I was holding on to and will never wear. In addition to some super cute shoes I’d been eyeing for about a year that were finally about 20 bucks, this top yelled at me to pick it up.

I’d been uber selective about what I’d possibly buy and although I didn’t have a budget, I don’t buy things that cost more than a certain amount…usually $20. Yes, that includes shoes as well.

This top was about $25.99 and that little $6 had me debating whether or not I really needed it and where the hell I’d even wear it to.

Was it worth it? You tell me.

Top: Zara

Sandals: Anthropologie

Photos by Nonee Ngazimbi

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