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Solo travel has been on my brain for the last week or so, not because I keep thinking about it, but because people around me keep bringing it up. I’m currently writing this from my hostel in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yesterday I was in London, and tomorrow I’ll be somewhere else. I’m midway into a trip that will have consisted of 6 planes, 4 countries, 1 overnight bus, countless trains, and even a couple boats. Oh, and I’m doing it all on my own. But that’s a totally different post that’ll be coming to you shortly.

WHY do I travel solo? Because I have no choice. Because I can’t keep letting dirt cheap flights pass me by while waiting on friends to make a decision. Waiting on people to decide if they have the money or not (they always do). Waiting on this or that. I’m done waiting. I travel solo because I like to do exactly what I want. I can walk for hours on end or sleep in simply because I want to. I can be a grandma and go to bed at 8pm because I had a long day, or because I did sleep in and just feel like calling it a night. I travel solo because I book flights first and invite people later (not anymore). And would you believe I’m still on these trips alone? Two more solo trips on the books this year and I’m actively seeking a third. Why do I travel solo, you ask? Because it’s MY wanderlust I’m satiating, not everyone else’s.

I travel solo because now I’m addicted and it just works for me. I literally can’t imagine going anywhere with someone. Just yesterday I met a couple cool women to hang out with and respectfully declined their invitation to continue the party. I had a great time, but it felt even better to go my own way and continue with my evening. Now that, that’s probably just the introvert in me. But it’s why I travel solo.

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