Why I Travel Around the World to do NOTHING

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If there’s one question I hate, it’s being asked “what did you do?” repeatedly after returning from a trip. Sure, it’s a natural question to ask *rolls eyes* I guess, but it’s my ultimate pet peeve. I know what people want to hear when they ask this question. They want me to run down every tourist trap I frequented so that when (and a big fat IF) they visit, they can know what to do. But the thing is I’m not traveling for anyone but myself.

I don’t travel to be able to tell you what to go and do. I’m traveling to do what I love, and share my experiences with you. That way if you’re into the same things or looking for something similar, you can use any part of my itinerary you like, or none of it. You don’t need me to tell you to go to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. If you travel to Rome, you’ll visit the Colosseum without me ever saying a word. Yes, I may do these things when in these countries, but I didn’t go to the countries with a mini bucket list of monuments and cliche destinations.

My travel style may seem a little unorthodox, but to me it’s normal. I travel to experience other cultures. I go to Rome and do as the Romans. In Paris I can expect to wake up with the rest of the city  and have a croissant and tea at the cafe on the corner with everyone else. Although I’m not going to work, I’ll set aside time throughout the day to work if I do have things to do, but more often than not, I’m free. I walk around, I people watch, and I eat. I window shop, relax on a park bench, and stumble in and out of neighborhoods. I take actual photographs and mental ones for memories. But most importantly, I do nothing. I am there to just be…not do anything in particular. I’m there to hang out and fantasize about being one of the locals. I’m there to do all of this, and nothing at the same time. So yes, sometimes I travel to the other side of the globe to do nothing at all. That’s my response every time I’m asked what I did. It is, after all, Wanderlust MY Way.

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