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Wash and Go on natural hair

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I have far from the “perfect” curl pattern. I have more hair textures than I can count and I can thank heat for that. I love to have a blow out two or three times a year when the weather is cooler, plus that’s when I get my ends trimmed by a professional. I believe that over the years this has loosened my curl pattern. My purchase of a chi earlier this year may have resulted in the weirdest heat damage throughout my hair that happens to be more noticeable in the front. Luckily after “fluffing and going” for several day wear, the heat damage isn’t as noticeable as you’d think and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments since I’ve started wearing this style. If this sounds like you or you also don’t have that perfect coil from the root to end of your hair shaft, keep reading.

With type 4 hair, I never in a million years thought a Wash and Go would look cute on me. I remember a couple failed attempted when my hair was much shorter and swore off of them. I chose to only do braid-outs and twist-outs, you know, styles that stretched my hair. However, I recently grew extremely tired of any type of styling but wanted to take better care of my hair. I started washing on a weekly basis versus bi-weekly because this, oddly enough, caused me to moisturize and look after my hair more than usual. I like to think this extra attention aided in growth which you can probably tell from the fact that my roots have come in and they’re obviously a different texture than the rest of my shaft, expect in the back where there’s nothing but kinky, oily goodness for all.

Will I cut off the heat damage? Nope. It’s mid-shaft and that’d just look weird. But maybe in a few years when my hair is thriving at a longer length, I can stand to chop off a few inches and never look back. Will I continue to use heat on my hair? You betcha. I’ll just be more careful with my hair and make sure the stylists I go to look after it like it’s their own.

I want to show you that even if you don’t have “youtube hair guru” looking hair, you can still rock the same styles and look just as dope. As my hair grows my method will change as well, but for now, I’m working with what I got. Enjoy 🙂

Products Used

Aloe Vera Juice + Water – Spray Bottle

Cantu – Leave-In Conditioning Lotion

Shea Moisture – Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Eco Styler – Gel w/Olive Oil

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