Unplugging While Traveling

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Have you ever heard anyone refer to the “glorification of busy?” To me, it’s when people try to make being busy sound like the best thing since sliced bread. Now, as a lover of bread and a hater of slicing it, I’m here to say that it’s not all that. There’s nothing fun about working so much that you never have time for yourself, or being so busy that it’s all you know. Sure, being busy is sometimes great, especially when I want to get my mind off of something, but rest assured I will have to focus on whatever it is that I’m avoiding at some point. We humans need downtime before we drive ourselves crazy worrying about work and everyone else. I bring this up because I just returned home from a very brief weekend getaway and would you believe I left my laptop at home? If I’m anywhere in the US of A I tend to have my laptop nearby. If I don’t, it’s because I have other computer access. Lately I’d found myself working 16 hour days and on various projects. I would wake up in work mode and go to bed in work mode. I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep with my phone in my hand. I thought I was actually happy and that it was okay because I enjoyed having something to do and being busy. In reality I was nothing short of worn out and starting to resent things because I felt as though I was putting in extra effort, so where were the additional results? I was working harder, not smarter, which is something I know better than to do. So, even though I’ll be jet setting to paradise in a few days, I started my tech detox a little early just to prove to myself that things can and will get done when I get around to it. I don’t have to be constantly working. It’s okay to relax.

If you follow me on any of my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) then you may have seen me recently say that my next trip will be a vacation rather than traveling. The quote “I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list,” is truly my life’s goal. I have a physical travel bucket list that I wrote out years ago, but one day I decided I want to see literally everything and everywhere. I want to immerse myself in cultures different than my own, taste foods I would never think to cook,  and have conversations with people who don’t even speak my language. I plan for that to happen by taking cheap and uncomfortable flights to far off destinations. It’ll happen by lodging uncomfortably because 5 star hotels and pristine airbnb’s weren’t in the budget, let alone an option. It’ll happen by doing what I call uplugging and taking in my surroundings, rather than having to look back on the experience through pictures and not memories. You ever see someone taking a photo of something without ever even looking at the sight in front of them? Yeah, I refuse to be that human. When traveling I actually set aside time to take photos. Sure, sometimes I see something so amazing and have to whip out my camera, but I like to actually look at what’s in front of me. I don’t care to be permanently behind a lens or on my phone trying to upload an image to social media.

So, there you have it. My upcoming trip was destined to be a vacation the day I decided it was okay to work from sun up to well past sun down. When I started carrying around my macbook like it was an extra limb. I am in desperate need of a vacation. I want to lounge in the sun and literally spend entire days doing absolutely nothing. I guess this is me holding myself accountable. I vow to only use my laptop for late night netflix binging and I won’t so much as edit one single photo. No need to upload more than one photo to Instagram per day, and the only social media I’ll be partaking in is snapchat. You’ll find my day to day shenanigans there and nowhere else. Follow me on snapchat at wanderlustmyway, otherwise…

Ciao until next time!

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