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Fashion month is long gone but will be back in just a few short months…and I’m already planning for it. There are four major fashion weeks (New York, London , Paris, Milan) that comprise fashion month. It’s every fashion lovers dream to attend the hottest shows and sit next to the who’s who of the fashion world. The fact that I tried to tackle New York Fashion Week but didn’t attend my first show until I randomly made a trip to Paris just weeks later is beyond me, but I think it’s because I knew how to go about it after my epic fail of NYFW. So now, I’ve rounded up my top fashion week tips to tackle this amazing month that comes around just two times a year.

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Prepare a mock schedule and choose the shows and designers you’re interested in: You better believe that I stalk the Fashion Month Schedule religiously. I want to see who has a show, on what day, and I’m contacting them as soon as the time is right.

I think prepping a mock schedule is key so that you can plan around shows. Imagine you reach out to your 2 favorite brands and getting invited to both shows, but happen to find out that they’re on the same day at the same time. Know whose show is when!

It’s also great to simply have an idea of any shows you’d like to see and when they’re happening. This is a type of vision board. Maybe staring at Dolce & Gabbana – September 7th at 6pm or Gucci – February 17th at 12pm will have a “The Secret” affect. Here’s hoping.

Prepare your Instagram feed: I don’t know how many people will mention this, but having a feed that makes a designer actually want to invite you to their show seems very important to me. I met a lot of people with less followers than me, but a fashion heavy, CHIC Instagram feed. There’s no wonder that the PR agent invited them over me.

It was recommended to reach out to PR agencies 3 weeks prior to fashion week. By this time they know the heavy hitters that will/will not be attending and if they can stand to invite a few more bloggers or influencers. When they check your Instagram or blog is it full of non fashion related posts? Are your last 9 photos of food or you lounging around in your PJ’s? Or like mine, architecture/landscape shots?

Even if you need to recruit your bestie to go out and shoot 5 dope outfits that’ll give you 2+ weeks of content to post, do it. Then slide into that PR persons inbox.

Prepare to be ignored or turned down, and have a plan B & C: I don’t know what’s worse, getting “no’s” or getting completely ignored. You know what, getting ignored is worse. However, it’s not the end of the world.

Sam Edelman Mules


I expect us all to see the day where people are beating down our front door to work with us. May it be in the nearest future. But for now, there’s a big chance that we’ll be ignored by at least one PR firm that we reach out to. Don’t fret. They’re busy, not interested, or it’s THEIR loss. Just go with your backup plan.

Have the address/venue of the show? Show up anyway. There are guaranteed to be photogs outside so here’s your chance to still get your dope outfit shot, or capture amazing street style for your own channels. Do mini “what are you wearing” interviews or put together your favorite looks from that shows attendees. It wouldn’t be a waste just because you don’t get to sit and view the new collection in person. It’ll be online as soon as the shows over.

2. Build A Fashion Week Squad:

I promise you that if I didn’t meet the group of amazing individuals I did during NYFW, I would’ve been over it after my first event.

After my first experience with fashion week earlier this year, I said that if I couldn’t get invited to official NYFW shows, not the sub-branded shows, then I wouldn’t even bother. I went to a couple events that I was looking forward to, but only got invited to one “real” show. After getting dolled up, a train and uber ride later, I was standing in a moving line to enter the venue only to be told they were filled to capacity.

Disappointed isn’t even the word.

I had to stand in a crowd in my thigh high boots and watch the show on a screen. Luckily my girl squad was there next to me and I’m sure they felt my pain. Apparently priority tickets mean nothing.

After finishing the show, we ended up going outside and snapping solo and group photos, something I wouldn’t have been able to do had I been alone. It was this that prompted several photographers to then ask to take our photos. SCORE!

A fashion week squad also comes in handy when you’re visiting another city and hemorrhaging money due to the festivities and bare necessities such as lodging and food. They’re there to share uber rides, split pitchers of sangria at your new favorite restaurant, and my favorite, let you be their plus one to that show they got the invite to and you didn’t!

Paris Fashion Week was a different story for me, but when it came to New York, I was exhausted most of the time and felt defeated. That brings me to my 3rd fashion week tip…

Embroidered Skirt

Over the Knee Boots: High, Low

3. Set aside time to rest and rejuvenate:

Fashion week shows can start early in the morning before the corporate world sits down to sip on their first cup of coffee, and can end well after I’m usually in bed. If you’re lucky enough to get invited to several shows in a day, it’s easy to feel worn out before the evening hits.

Make sure you 1. make time to EAT and 2. just take a break.

Without Fashion Week being held at a central, singular location such as Lincoln Center any longer, you’re guaranteed to be rushing around the city: uptown, to midtown, to downtown (and don’t get me started on international locations) without much time to spare in between.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to “live the life.” Take care of you so that you can look and feel fabulous while having a blast.

4. Know what you’re wearing well in advance:

While trying to get your schedule together, the last thing you want to worry about is what the hell to wear.

When it came to NYFW, I had a stack of clothes I’d ordered from SheIn of all places, and I knew I’d just wear the majority of them during the few events I had schedules. I also had some brand new pieces that’ve been collecting dust and this was the time to make an appearance.

In short, I had a general idea of what I’d be wearing, if even to just snap a photo. I was also living in New York at the time so if I wanted to change up an outfit, I could. This isn’t the case for those of you traveling for Fashion Week. You need to pack wisely and every outfit should be Instagram-worthy or don’t even bother.

In Paris I had no clue I’d be receiving an invite to a show, but luckily packed a super cute outfit in the event that I needed to get dolled up. It was the smartest decision ever.

Trust me, I love a simple, chic outfit, but if you’re traveling to be amongst some of the biggest names in fashion, I’m sure you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, if nothing else.

Have a general idea of what you’ll be wearing to save yourself stress because I guarantee you’ll have more than enough worry about once it’s time to hit each show and you’ll be too busy having the time of you’re life.

Geometric Print Bag

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top fashion week tips. Have you attended fashion week or plan to? What tips do you recommend?



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