A Night at the Opera: New York Edition

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When visiting the Metropolitan Opera, housed in the beautiful Lincoln Center, you’re bound to see an array of characters. It tends to be a naturally interesting area. On any given night you may see women in floor length gowns or in cocktail dresses. Men may have on a tuxedo or a pair of chinos and polo button up. It truly depends on the person. However, so you’re not in one of the extreme categories, here are some outfit options to help you fit right in with the opera and ballet crowd and stand out, in a good way.

Women’s Day to Night Opera Look

Opera Outfit Day to Night

During a recent trip to the Met Opera I happened to be entertaining guests all day, so I needed to be able to go from day to night as I had no plans to lug clothes and shoes around town. I didn’t want to change. In the morning, a strapless black dress did the trick paired with comfortable sneakers, a choker, and a jean jacket. When it was time to head to Lincoln Center for the ballet I traded in my sneakers for heels and instead of a jean jacket and choker, and a super cute blazer and necklace were perfect replacement pieces.

Men’s Day to Night Opera Look


Men can have it just as easy. If you have a button down that’s a little dressy, but not too dressy, just roll up the sleeves to the forearm and pair with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers or loafers to traipse the New York city streets throughout the day. Later, switch out your shoes for a nice pair of dress shoes, roll down your sleeves, and even throw on a tie if it tickles your fancy. Change into a pair of dress pants and you’re all set to go to the Metropolitan Opera on a cool summer or spring night. Dress for comfort, but still look like you belong at the Met!

BONUS: Accessories! 


Don’t forget to accessorize. Ladies grab a cute purse and pair of sunnies. Men, your watch can make or break an outfit! Go with a bowtie as opposed to a regular tie and you’re sure to stand out.

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