Natural Hair on The CHI

If you’ve yet to hear of one of SHOWTIME’s newest shows, The Chi, then you must be living under a rock. I couldn’t recommend a better show to binge watch and it’s perfect because you can stream it on the SHOWTIME app. The Chi follows the lives of several people living on the Southside of Chicago who are simply trying to make it from one day to the next. The Southside of Chicago is known to eat people up and spit them out and they are just trying to survive. Connected in some way, shape or form, the main characters go through normal phases of life but they have Chicago against them.

The Chi reminds me a lot of growing up in DC, in the not-so-great neighborhood of Anacostia. At least it wasn’t so great when I was a kid. However, when you’re in the thick of it, you don’t realize that it’s not the norm and that there’s more to the city than your “hood.” That’s what I think of Chicago. Sure, we hear about things going on on the South Side, but that’s just one part of an entire city, just like Anacostia is one small part of a city that’s also home to The White House.

I’ve been watching The Chi since the show has aired and one thing that always stood out to me was the hair of all things! The natural hair on the men and women is something that I’m not necessarily used to seeing on television. And the best part was feeling as though little fro’s mattered! From Kevin and his mohawk, to Jerrika and her afro, I was definitely inspired to release my curls again and embrace my short curls even more.

I got my first relaxer before I’d made it to kindergarten, and had there been more representation of natural hair on television and hit shows like The Chi, I’m sure my parents would’ve opted against relaxing my hair. I will never forget when I first saw Laverne on screen with her hair wrapped up in a cloth. It immediately made me think of how easy it is to throw on a head wrap when you want to take a break from your fro. We all have those days where the curls simply aren’t as popping and we want to tie up our tresses and put them away. It’s easily one of my favorite, and easiest styles for my natural hair.

The Chi is a great show for people of all shades, and from all walks of life. Some of us can watch the show and feel a sense of familiarity, and other may watch it and get a glimpse into a different world. Although the characters are fictional, I can honestly say I know someone like every character. These are my friends, family, and people I grew up around. They’re just like real people existing in your city right now.

Because I’ve been traveling more since the first episode of The Chi, watching on SHOWTIME’s streaming service has been the best option for me to catch up on the show whether on my phone or laptop. It’s commercial free and the best part is being able to download shows to watch offline and on the go. Plus you don’t need cable! When I’m waiting for new episodes of The Chi to air, I can watch other SHOWTIME original shows that I love like Shameless and Ray Donovan. Use my code THECHI30 to get an exclusive 30-day free trial to stream The Chi!  Head to to sign up. The code expires 4/1/18.


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