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Every now and then I notice my previous DivaCup story gets some traffic. Because I was so new to the cup world back then, I figured I’d pop in and update you on my views and whether or not I’m still using the DivaCup.

Spoiler: My DivaCup no longer runneth over. Translation: Hell yeah I still use it. I’ve just mastered it and no longer deal with spillage. At least not too much.

Earlier this week my dear Aunt Flo came to visit. Just kidding, I got my period. We’re grown over here. I wanted so badly to just go to the nearest pharmacy and pick up a jumbo box of tampons. I kept telling myself that a box usually lasts me almost three cycles, and spending less than $10 every other month on these wasn’t so bad. I even made it to the store by day two but couldn’t bring myself to spend that money on a barely there sale. Thank goodness I’m cheap!

Here’s why.

I don’t love tampons, I just was over the thought of my DivaCup, at least temporarily. Look at it this way. You ever notice that as your period goes on, each day you insert your tampon a little different? Some days you insert it toward the front and to the right, other days it may be back and to the left. Well the same rings true for a DivaCup. Things are shifting around and for me, no two days are the same. That’s beyond annoying. Also annoying is the fact that my uterus is somehow tilted in a way that causes my DivaCup to sit every so slightly sideways. So the stem (some people cut it completely off) rubs me a little. Sometimes the cup decides to sit properly inside me and I don’t feel a thing, but other days it may ease down a little or if I lay a certain way, then there it is. It’s not exactly painful but it’s not comfortable either. It’s more irritating than anything else. Yeah, that’s it. Irritating.

Trying to follow directions, I cut the stem as low as recommended because I actually need it during insertion and extraction. I don’t see how you can use the damn thing without the stem! However, maybe next time I’ll go for it and cut it just a tad lower. It really is my only issue with the cup. I don’t WANT to go back to tampons and leaks and odors and possible toxic shock syndrome. I don’t want to go back to having cramps once I insert a tampon. I want to stick with my eco-friendly, barely there DivaCup. I want to stick with it until my body realizes I DON’T NEED TO HAVE A DAMN PERIOD. DAMNIT.


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