Wash and Go with Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk and Coily Custard

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I thought I loved my previous wash and go with Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue and Multicultural Clear Gel, but this new combo takes the cake. Instead of boring you with a whole other tutorial, simply go through that same process and switch out the Curly Meringue for the Baby Buttermilk, and switch out the gel for the Coily Custard.

To be honest, I stopped using gel for my wash and go’s last year when I discovered that my hair was soft and moisturized with the products I was using, and the definition truly lasted all week (I wash and style my hair once a week). However, I was very excited to use Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Gel last week and loved how light it was. It didn’t leave my hair hard or flaky, but it did seem a little dry by day two, even though I knew I used plenty of Curly Meringue as a moisture base.

This go round I opted for the Baby Buttermilk as my moisturizer. It was a very light product and I do know that my type 4 natural hair needs a heavy cream, but since I had the Coily Custard I figured that was okay. Now you may be like me and hear custard and think of a thick cream, so imagine my shock when the custard looked exactly like the gel. That is the only reason I decided to go in with the Baby Buttermilk beforehand. It added no real definition to my hair but after refreshing my puff this morning with some water and Baby Buttermilk, I do know it’s great for that if nothing else. My puff is soft, just the way I like it.

Now let’s talk about that custard.


  • It’s magic
  • It’s SUPER moisturizing even though it looks like a gel ( I can’t wrap my head around it)
  • Leaves you with great definition
  • Made my hair super soft
  • I want to say it didn’t necessarily elongate my curls, but I felt volume like I’ve never felt before while waiting for it to dry and afterward. But once it was fully dried and I looked in the mirror, my fro looked to be about the same as it usually does.


  • There may be a such thing as too moisturizing, so be careful with the amount you use. I was scared of my hair feeling dull (after the Baby Buttermilk) so I overdosed on the Coily Custard.
  • My hair has been extremely thick since birth, so when in its natural state it’ll take forever and a day to dry. I think the Coily Custard added to how long it took to dry and even after I went through with a diffuser, it still felt damp.
  • I was at the beach the next day and it was uber foggy, so it’s safe to say my hair re-moistened itself. The same will happen in the shower.

Keep in mind that all of my cons are probably my own fault because of how much product I used. Now that my wash and go is about 4 days old, when I get in the shower I can’t feel as much of the product from the steam, but that could also be because it’s been 4 days…

When it comes to the Coily Custard I honestly believe every natural girl with type 4 hair should have this in her arsenal. If you think your hair is eternally dry or has no definition, try this product before you throw in the towel. And don’t forget you can get 15% off of your order at Miss Jessie’s by using the code OCTOLY07.


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