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This past week I discovered a couple podcasts that have been all the business and lifestyle motivation a girl could ask for. One podcast in particular had an old episode discussing manifestation that I decided to download. I happened to listen to it yesterday morning during my commute to work. While I claim to be well versed in the power of manifestation, I still like to read up – or in this case, listen up- on it and hear other points of view. I wasn’t disappointed.

Ever since “The Secret” was published in 2006, manifestation and the power of positive thinking has been a hot topic. While I personally couldn’t get into the documentary, I do agree that thoughts become actions. Besides, there’s no harm in trying, is there? Just a couple weeks ago I decided to finally make the vision board I had been planning to create for years. Of my nine photos, three are photos that represent the countries I HAVE to visit in 2016. Yesterday I booked a flight to one of these countries, and it happened in the weirdest way. Just two days ago I received a heads up about an open jaw flight from many US cities to SE Asia, returning to Canada. While open jaw flights aren’t my ideal way to travel, I thought “hey, I love Canada and wouldn’t mind returning there and making my way back to New York.” Two trips in one, who could beat that? I left the tab open in my browser planning to go back and play with the dates to see if this could in fact be my birthday trip. I looked at the tab several times over the course of two days and kept putting off taking the time to actually look at the flights. Fast forward to yesterday, the same deal popped back up and I decided to take a gander for no particular reason. I found a flight that was over $100 less than what I usually spend on my birthday flights. Because this destination is halfway around the world, I would’ve spent a few hundred more than usual with no problem. Creeping the same travel chats that alerted me of the original deal, I caught wind of a tip that would allow me to return to NYC even though it was still an open jaw flight. Sidenote: an open jaw flight is one that leaves from one city and returns to another. I sat and stared at my computer for a couple minutes thinking of extending the invitation to some people and even wondering if I should actually book. When I finally went to purchase the ticket, IT WAS GONE. Luckily, when I did a second search I found another “1 ticket left” deal and was able to book. So there. One destination scratched off of my 2016 bucket list, two more to go. I like to believe that my vision board and manifesting this into my life had something to do with booking this trip. Here are a few thoughts I have on manifestation:


You have to actually work to make your dreams come true. I don’t believe you can just think good things will happen and they actually will. No, you have to work toward it. Yes, I put this country on my vision board hoping to visit at some point this year, but do you see how easily this flight almost slipped away from me twice? I even almost talked myself out of it for some odd reason. Making this trip happen required me to do a little research and put the wheels in motion. I even created a note just the day before of a detailed itinerary someone had shared, not even knowing I would be booking so soon. So, if your goal is to get a new job, increase your income, or even eliminate debt, don’t go around thinking that if you just believe, it will come true. YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK to make those things happen. I live by the saying “do the work, nobody can deny the work.” Then, and only then, will everything else fall into place.


A few years ago when I started traveling (yes, it was only a few years ago), someone asked me how often I travel. I could only say that my goal was 3-4 trips a year. Looking back, I believe that 3-4 trips a year was my goal because 10 days of vacation was what I was accustomed to, and I couldn’t fathom being able to afford any more vacations than that. Ha! I’m literally scoffing at “old me” as I type this. For the two years after that, I had only taken 3-4 trips both years. I didn’t realize until today that I had limited myself. I put that goal out into the universe, and lo and behold it came true. If traveling is my passion (I mean, I even have a huge tattoo to pay homage to my incurable wanderlust) why on earth would I set such a tiny goal? Why not 10 trips a year? Why not travel nonstop?  It wasn’t until last year that I started saying “I don’t travel enough” in response to others saying I travel often. It wasn’t until recently I realized that I want unlimited vacation days and to be able to travel all the time. Therefore, that 3-4 trip limit is moot. You may be wondering about the three destinations I added to my vision board and thinking that I am in fact still limiting myself. Well, those three photos are simply countries that I want to for sure see this year. They’re in addition to two trips I already have booked for 2016 to other locations, and hopefully I’ll be booking SEVERAL more. No limits over here.


If you haven’t mastered the art of holding yourself accountable then I highly recommend you find yourself an accountability partner ASAP. While I am the King of holding myself accountable, I’ve lately found myself sharing my goals and plans with others. That’s something I never do, but I like to think it’s another way of manifestation. If I tell someone that I plan to eliminate my debt this year – the goal is to eliminate at least half, so boom, you all are a part of my accountability team – then that’s all the more motivation to do so and/or work toward doing it. As humans, we tend to become embarrassed when things don’t go as planned, so to avoid embarrassment we don’t share our plans and goals. We should be working hard at making sure plans go through. You can have the best 2016 Goals list but until you hold yourself accountable for completing it, you’re setting yourself up to fail.


Oh, and that header picture you see attached to this post…that’s what was on my vision board…that’s where I’m going. *grins*

Don’t forget that if you need help with your travel goals and travel budget, I’m here to assist in any way that I can.

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