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Aside from a tinted moisturizer that I wear maybe twice a month, I don’t do makeup. Wait, does lipstick count? I try to wear lipstick a few times a week, if not every day, because it makes me look like less of a troll. I know NOTHING about makeup. However, I was sent some amazing items from various makeup brands and I thought I’d create an entire video around them as well as introduce myself through a GRWM Chit Chat video. Spoiler Alert: Yes, I ended up looking like a ghost. Enjoy.

Products Used:
Brows – Lash Food, Brow Food 
Foundation – Make Up For Ever Ultra HD
Concealer – Urban Decay, Naked Skin 
Translucence Powder – Lancome 
Liner – Sephora, Rosewood 
Liquid Matte Lipstick – Too Faced, Queen B 

What you may have learned from this video is that I definitely should not be left alone with makeup. Like, seriously. I’m going to attempt that concealer contour everyone does just one more time and hopefully it works out for all of us.


To be honest, I left the house with the makeup on because in person it really doesn’t look that bad! It’s crazy how many imperfections a camera can bring out.

The highlight of this video was that the Lance Translucence powder I thought I ordered too light, was sort of perfect for me. It helped me darken the ghost face left behind by the concealer and I think it’d be great to set my foundation. Go me!

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