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I was told that I needed an outfit…of a certain color…less than a week in advance. As someone who (I think you’ve come to learn) hates spending money, I immediately set out to find the most appropriate outfit for the least amount of money. I set a budget of $20 (and that was generous) and checked store after store, clearance rack after clearance rack, before heading to H&M at the last minute and walking into their 4th of July sale. 

After considering several options before toying with the idea of leaving empty handed, I found a dress that was the right color, but even in a size small I could’ve only imagined it being shapeless and unflattering. It immediately dawned on me to grab a gold belt to accompany, which would match my gold shoes I planned to wear as well as my gold accessories.


I love how the belt completely transformed this dress. I really can’t believe people are wearing it without one (I’ve seen it). I like to think that maybe if I had a curve or two, that would be possible, but even then I still believe the dress is too plain to not jazz up.

The belt made the look elegant and dressier than planned, which was perfect.

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